Caroline Ryan

Caroline Ryan is co-managing editor at Anton Media Group as well as the editor of Port Washington News and beauty editor for Long Island Weekly.

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Skincare Saviors: Must-Have Products For Summertime

Summer is the best time to implement a skincare routine that will help you deal with the hot weather and added sun exposure.

Battle Of The Brews: The Debate Between Hot And Iced Coffee

Long Island Weekly editors Caroline Ryan and Frank Rizzo debate what's better: Hot or iced coffee. 

Top 10 Books To Read In Quarantine

If you’re stuck in quarantine and are on the hunt for a new book to read, here is a list of some non-fiction and fiction New York Times bestsellers. With all the extra time people...

Elisabeth Röhm Talks In-Depth About Her Acting Career

Elisabeth Röhm kicked off her acting career with a four season run on the hit television series Law & Order. Being a young actress on a long-standing television series, Röhm had the opportunity to learn...

Students Make Blankets For Frontline Workers

Sabelle Rosen, a Plandome resident and junior at Friends Academy in Locust Valley and Ari Chananya a junior at Jericho High School, were so moved by the heroic efforts of those on the frontlines battling...

Broadway Musician Offers Virtual Music Classes

Broadway musician, Matthew Brown is offering virtual music classes amid the pandemic.

Port Library Creates COVID-19 History Project

Port Washington Public Library’s (PWPL) History Center is conducting a COVID-19 memory project to help document the pandemic for future generations. 

Port Washington Nonprofit Addresses Emergency Needs Of Residents

The brigade, comprised of 33 volunteers, has been sewing face masks for Port’s at-risk families.

Local Boy Scout Makes Face Shields For Healthcare Workers

Hughes encourages people who own a 3D printer to get involved.



Northwell Doctor Shares Expert Tips On Flu Prevention

This year’s flu season is fully underway, but it is not too late to protect yourself and your family from the virus. Fever, chills,...

JFK Museum Showcases A President And The Cape

Many presidents have enjoyed vacationing on Cape Cod, but for John F. Kennedy, the Cape served as a special retreat and place of tranquility....

Glamorous Graffiti Ball

The 2016 Nassau County Art Museum’s Ball, themed “An Evening of Glamorous Graffiti” is the museum’s major annual fundraiser. This year’s event drew its...

NY Blood Center Calls For Healthy Donors

New York Blood Center (NYBC) is extending open hours at its donor centers and urging healthy donors to make appointments to help maintain the...

Film Director Josie Rourke Recasts Image Of 16th-Century Monarch Mary Stuart

Mary Stuart is one of the most celebrated yet misunderstood figures in Scottish history. The 16th century Scottish monarch’s tumultuous life included a brief reign...