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Safavieh, a high-end retailer for quality home furnishing offers complementary design services to help meet all of your design needs. Whether you are looking to create a room, or refresh an existing room in your home, hiring an interior designer can be an important part of the design process.

“Safavieh is all about creating an environment where you feel comfortable living in your home—where everything makes sense,” Michael Yaraghi, the CEO of Safavieh, said. “We start from scratch, from the paint to the wallpaper to the lighting to the furniture. We do the whole thing for them so it’s done the right way and [all of the furniture fits]. People are often shocked what they can do with their space once it’s done by a professional designer versus the way they had it before—using their own expertise without having the knowledge of how things fit in a room.”

From large area rentals, apartment living, residential homes or hospitality, Safavieh’s 64 interior designers are available to help create the ultimate space.

“Safavieh is a high-end company, we carry the top brand names from Europe and the United States,” Yaraghi said. “The designers are very experienced. They go to High Point twice a year to see the latest colors and designs that are available.”

Yaraghi explained that each of the designers attend the High Point Market, the world’s largest home furnishings trade show twice a year to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends, having more opportunities for learning about fashion and interior design than your average retail designer.

The biggest problem most people have when creating a space on their own is the scale of the room versus the size of the furniture, Yaraghi stated. With the complementary services offered at Safavieh, you don’t pay for the design expert yourself. An expert will consult with you about what you are looking to do in the room and they will scale the room to help you create a space that best fits your needs.

Trends that have become more popular the last few months include natural wood, lighter grey tones, as well as fabrics that are stain-resistant especially now that so many are working and learning from home.

“The lifestyle is becoming more casual, open concepts, lighter colors, white is becoming popular as far as paint color,” Yaraghi said. “People are spending a lot more time inside the house. The lighter colors will make you feel you are outdoors. People are using [stain-resistant] fabrics, especially if they have children. If you even drop a glass of wine, it will come right out. It’s a huge improvement in technology.”

Disrupting your day-to-day activities to transform a room can seem overwhelming. Luckily, Safavieh has several large warehouses across the tri-state area, making the transition to a new or refurbished room a rather short process. After two meetings with the interior design expert to discuss the overall vision for the project, the designer can begin helping you create your dream room. Yaraghi stated that a room is typically designed and ready for use in as little as four days or a week.

So, why hire a Safavieh design expert to create your space when there are plenty of home furnishing stores nearby? The answer is simple. Safavieh has more than 200 different brands, offering you a wide array of options.

“With us the sky is the limit,” Yaraghi said. “Whether you want top-of-the-line furniture from Italy or you want an American brand, you could have a budget for $5,000 or $500,000. That’s what is so special about Safavieh, you’re not limited to anything, any lifestyle, any price point, large or small—we can do it for you.”

The retailer has also taken recent precautions against the COVID-19 pandemic, offering clients a safe, yet socially distant experience in their showrooms. Each showroom is extremely large, which already allows visitors to safely remain six-feet from one another. Clients and staff are required to wear a face covering at all times while in the building.

“We have created these rooms at our design center, if say there are six clients working with their designers they are all going to be in separate rooms,” Yaraghi said. “Before we were all sharing a room because we had multiple people working in one design center. Now they are social distancing and they each in a separate room with a large TV screen [for viewing] so the clients don’t have to get close to anyone. We have cleaning services that come before we open the showroom and again before we [leave at night] they do the same thing.”

Safavieh has showrooms located in Port Washington, Glen Cove, Manhasset and Farmingdale, as well as several locations in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York City.

For more information about Safavieh’s design services, visit

Caroline Ryan
Caroline Ryan is co-managing editor at Anton Media Group as well as the editor of Port Washington News and beauty editor for Long Island Weekly.

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