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Virtual Summer Camps And Educational Programs For Kids 

Local camp operators remain optimistic that there will be some return to normalcy. But just in case, there are several programs offering online summer programs that are both fun and educational.

The Power Of Presence For Children In A Time Of Crisis 

During these uncertain and destabilizing times, our presence can help our children feel safe and secure.

Long Island Student Makes Ventilators At Home

The East Islip family was inspired to build a ventilator in their kitchen with items they had around the house and a first aid kit. 

Meal Kits Available To Home-Bound School Children

Hundreds of home-bound families dependent on the daily meals provided by the schools.

Parenting During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Many of our children have been hearing about the coronavirus for a few weeks. Now that schools are closed, there is no escaping conversation around the pandemic.  Additionally, the break in predictable routines around school, extracurricular...

Teaching Conflict Management To Children

Conflict is part of life. As many of us are trapped inside, tiffs are bound to happen. Teaching children how to effectively manage conflict will prepare them for positive relationships throughout their lives.  The knowledge...