How To Start Your Day Off With Motivation

We all feel it at times, that listless vibe when we first wake up some mornings. The thought of a new day can certainly feel very overwhelming and if we give our thoughts enough power, they have the potential to take us down. We often subconsciously allow ourselves to drown in the sea of challenges and variables unknown that might come our way in a given day.

The good news is this: with a slight shift in perception, we can transform our minds to anticipate fresh opportunities and new adventures. For those who claim they are not “morning people,” there are some minor tweaks you can make to start your day off right. After all, our anxiety about how difficult a day or an event may be is almost always far worse than the actual event itself.

Below are a few things we can do first thing in the morning to make us feel more excited about what’s to come. Know and believe that incorporating these ideas over time will set you up with a renewed zest for what lies ahead.

Step Away From The Phone

Yes, our phones have literally become extensions of our extremities, but please refrain from reaching for your phone or iPad first thing in the morning. Emails, social media updates and unanswered texts only bombard us with more information than our half-asleep brains are equipped to disseminate as we awaken to a new day.

Make every effort to refrain from looking at your phone until you have first practiced some centering morning rituals such as mediation or mindfulness exercises to clear your head and create a healthy foundation for your day. How can you use the first moments of the day to ground yourself without tuning into the noise of the outside world?

Get Excited

Focus on one thing at the start of each day that you typically look forward to in the day ahead. This could be something as simple as taking your dog for a morning walk or that coveted cup of coffee that you will indulge in upon arriving at your first appointment. Whatever it is, know that it is around the corner and will only present itself once you take the first step to begin your day. What gets you motivated about the day ahead?

Practice Gratefulness

Starting your day off with gratitude can literally change your mindset within minutes. As soon as you wake up, write down three things that you are thankful for in this moment, however small or insignificant you might think them to be. Giving your energy to the things that you appreciate sets you up to manifest abundance into your daily life. Can’t think of anything? Put your hand on your heart and get thankful that you are here on this planet with an important purpose, whether your realize it in this moment or not.


Worry is setting an intention to attract the exact opposite of what you actually desire into your life. Put those sharp imagination skills to good use by visualizing the best possible outcome. Nervous about a presentation? Close your eyes and create a step-by-step movie in your mind about how you want the presentation to play out. Concentrate on what can go right instead of what could go wrong and not only will your motivation levels sky rocket, but your performance will also be elevated. How will you choose to imagine the best possible outcome for a task that tends to overwhelm you in the coming day?

Melody is a women’s life & wellness coach dedicated to bringing girls’ empowerment to communities on a global scale. For more information visit and

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Melody Pourmoradi
Melody Pourmoradi is a women’s wellness and lifestyle coach at Life Evolutions Coaching and a columnist for Long Island Weekly's Healthy Living Special Section. Learn more about her services at

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