Your Resolutions: The Missing Link


In my work as a life and wellness coach, I have collaborated with many clients on turning their dreams into reality through the goal-setting process. Over time, I have developed a heightened awareness of certain patterns we all fall into that have the potential to block so many of the hopes and desires we have for the new year.

As December rolls around, we find ourselves reflecting on all of the things that we had promised ourselves we would do in the previous year but never quite got around to doing. Then as January approaches, we use the new year as a prompt to create more resolutions and make more promises to ourselves that may be much harder than we realize to follow through on. Below are a few of my guideposts for making sustainable and transformational change.

Release The Pressure

So often, we place this excessive amount of pressure on ourselves to create resolutions simply because it is the beginning of a new year and it is “the thing to do.” Yes, January is a universal reminder to create a fresh start and call in new opportunities for growth. Of equal importance, however, is understanding that we are all individuals on a different path and varying timelines. Our season for change may be different than that of our partner’s or our friend’s. Honoring this and creating goals on our own time and in our own way can make all the difference in bringing them to life in the long run. This January, release yourself from that old nagging feeling that you “must” make a resolution. Only commit to resolutions if you “choose” to.

Get Real

Being honest with ourselves and creating promises that are realistic for us to keep are imperative in the goal-setting process. For example, if I typically exercise twice a month, it is unreasonable for me to set a goal of working out three times a week and actually believing that it will stick. Taking small, palatable steps is better than not taking any steps at all towards your desired outcome. More often than not, committing to big, audacious resolutions becomes so overwhelming that we set ourselves up to lose before we even begin. What’s one realistic step you can take in the direction of what you would like to create in your life?

Take Action

In my experience, the greatest barrier of all to creating positive and lasting change in all circumstances is our lack of action. It is at its core, the missing link to any form of prayer, law of attraction, manifesting and/or goal setting. Wishing and waiting can only take us so far. What produces true results is stepping up and taking the necessary action required to bring our goals to fruition. I am willing to bet that if we each look back on some of our past goals, one of the main reasons they didn’t become a reality was because we didn’t step into action. I know for myself this is absolutely the case.

How will you choose to step into the new year? My hope for all of us this year is that we commit to staying on our own path, aligning with our own vision and making our dreams come to life in the way that only we can.

Melody Pourmoradi


Melody Pourmoradi is a life and wellness coach at Life Evolutions Coaching. Check out to learn more.


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