Evolution Through Mentorship


Do you have a mentor in your life? Chances are whether you realize it or not, you do. Mentorship has the potential to be one of the single most important relationships to help you move on your goals and make your dreams a reality.

The official definition of mentorship is as follows: “The guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution.” I would like to further this definition by including books, lectures and other sources of inspiration as mentors in our lives. We do not need to formally meet someone in order to be mentored by them. Often we find inspiration through individuals that we have never even been in the same room with.

With the plethora of information available to us in this fascinating age of technology, finding our own unique source of inspiration is at our fingertips and the opportunities for true mentorship are endless.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sources to help you move on what you want to create more of in your life. By listening to podcasts, reading books and speaking to a variety of people whose work you respect, you will be learning from individuals with many different points of view. No one person has all the answers so by spreading the love, you will in essence be focusing your efforts on building strong networks of relationships and an abundance of wisdom to call on. One of my greatest sources for education is YouTube. There each day I find unique podcasts that heighten my knowledge base and move me to create my own body of work. Where will your next source of mentorship come from?

Look to your Peers

We often think that mentors should be people that are more “evolved” or more educated than us in some way. I invite you to also look beside you when you are seeking someone to look up to. Often our colleagues and our peers have a better understanding of where we are at in our life or in our business and can be a solid source of guidance with a unique point of view. You and your peers may have different strengths and can come together to mutually benefit one another’s missions. Some of my greatest advisors and sounding boards are my friends and other people who share an aligned vision. Which one of your friends or colleagues can you exchange mentorship with?

Take Action

Action is indeed the foundational key to all success. If mentorship in any of its forms is going to work at all, we need to be prepared to move on all of the new knowledge and inspiration that we have acquired. All of the information in the world cannot serve us if we are not willing to act, to take one small idea and transform it in a way that is meaningful for us. What step are you prepared to take in evolving from the new found guidance in your life?

Melody is a women’s life & wellness coach dedicated to bringing girls’ empowerment to communities on a global scale. For more information visit www.lifeevolutionscoaching.com and www.GiRLiFEempowerment.com.

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