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Abnormal Liver Tests Explained

The most common reason for abnormal liver tests in the United States are fatty liver and medication induced liver injury. People with underlying liver diseases may be at greater risk of this but many times,...

How Much Added Sugar Are You Consuming?

New book offers a guide for healthy alternatives Ever wonder the secret behind added sugars? Have you ever wanted to change your eating habits to include less added sugars? Well, now you can and it’s way...

Do You Have Stress Brought On By The Pandemic?

If so, here is a step-by-step process to help you get back on track Ever feel that stress is too much to bear? Has the pandemic made you feel even worse than you did before? Well,...

Pandemic Leads To Increased Alcohol Consumption 

Whether this increased use is a result of boredom, depression or “internet” cocktail parties, the effects being seen in the medical community are dramatic.

What Activities Are Safe In The Summer Of COVID-19?

We look at some popular summertime activities and determine whether they are safe or not.

Kids And Summer Sports: Keeping Children Safe From Coronavirus

While much of 2020 was so-called “canceled” due to the outbreak, fun is still in the cards this summer—with safety at the forefront.