Cook Like A Pioneer With ‘Stop, Drop, And Cook’


hansen_BWhat will you cook if there’s no power, or no gas flow? How will you feed your family? Here are some delicious recipes that will allow you, in a crisis, to eat well. In Mark Hansen’s Stop, Drop, and Cook: Everyday Dutch Oven Cooking With Food Storage, learn to use common food storage items to create delicious meals, even in the worst emergency.

Stop, Drop, and Cook also includes information on:

• How to build up your food storage
• Safely storing charcoal briquettes and wood
• Recipes to use short-term, medium-term and long-term food storage, depending on your situation

When disaster strikes, will you be munching on freeze-dried flakes or enjoying a delicious and filling meal, straight from your Dutch oven?

Mark Hansen
Mark Hansen

Learn how to turn common food storage items into gourmet meals, even if your power and gas lines are out. With expert advice and easy to follow recipes, this cookbook will get you through any crisis without sacrificing your taste buds.

Be prepared with a Dutch oven and cook like a pioneer with Stop, Drop, and Cook: Everyday Dutch Oven Cooking With Food Storage ($13.99, Amazon)

Hansen is the author of four other Dutch oven books with Cedar Fort (


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