Say Hola To Summer With These Cocktail Recipes


Straight from Oaxaca, this subtly smoky, summertime spirit is bound to get any summer fête buzzing. Whether you opt for a fruity and flavorful tipple with Mezcal Union’s Berry Bueno and Pineapple Express or gravitate to the simple and refreshing Flamingo cocktail, you are sure to be pleased.

Even better, Mezcal Union has a greater good in mind—with a mission of uniting Oaxaca’s farmers and producers. Mezcal Union supports indigenous families through initial investments in order for them to be able to reforest their fields with agave and improve their palenques (distilleries), helping both the Mexican economy and environment.

The below cocktail recipes are both refreshing and perfectly mimic the taste of summer. Simply mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice and pour.

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Pineapple Express

1½ oz. of Mezcal Unión Joven
3½ oz. of tonic water
1 oz. of pineapple juice
½ oz. of Blanco Vermouth
½ oz. of lemon juice

Garnish with salt and pineapple.

Berry Bueno

2 oz. of Mezcal Unión El Viejo
1 oz. of lemon juice
½ oz. of ginger ale
½ oz. of honey bee

Garnish with frozen raspberries.


2 oz. of Mezcal Unión Joven
7 green grapes
½ oz. rosemary syrup
1 oz. of lemon juice
3 oz. of tonic water

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and grapes.


1½ oz. of Mezcal Unión Joven
2 oz. of fresh grapefruit juice
2 oz. of fresh lime juice
1 oz. of natural syrup
1 dash of Angostura bitters

Garnish with slice of grapefruit and rosemary.

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