Peter Max Cover Art

Cover art by Peter Max
June 2016 Long Island Weekly exclusive cover art by Peter Max

As one of the world’s greatest living artists, Peter Max has cast quite a bit of influence through his melding of psychedelia and pop art and a prolific output that’s found him literally putting his mark on everything from canvas and album covers to cruise ships and airlines.

The cover of this Coney Island-themed issue is an exclusive commission for Long Island Weekly.

PETER IN GALLERYPeter Max will be featured in the Peter Max Gallery Shows on June 25 and June 26 at LaMantia Gallery located at 127 Main St. in Northport. RSVP required: 631-754-8414 or


To read a full feature on Peter Max, see Peter Max: America’s Painter Laureate.

To see other works by Peter Max, see Peter Max’s Notable Gigs.

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