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It’s Primarily For The Experience

Hofstra students get firsthand crack at presidential primary reporting A small group of Hofstra University students who work at the campus radio station, WRHU-FM, had the unique opportunity to travel to New Hampshire ahead of the January 23rd presidential primaries to report on candidate rallies and shadow professional journalists. The


America’s First Valentine Written On Long Island?

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with candy hearts, flowers, Hallmark cards, boxes of chocolate and, often, a nice dinner. Clearly, not much has changed since the 18th century when it comes to Feb. 14, as one of the earliest Valentine’s Day poems may have been produced here on Long Island


What’s Playing At The Movies?

This year has many exciting movies in store. While there’s a seemingly endless collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries available on the many streaming platforms, nothing beats going to the local cinema and enjoying a new movie on a giant screen with buttery popcorn and soda. Not sure what’s


Martin Scorsese In Conversation with Annette Insdorf

Annette Insdorf will moderate a January 23, 7:30 p.m. 92NY Reel Pieces conversation with the legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese, including clips from his acclaimed new movie, Killers of the Flower Moon. (In-person and online tickets are available on 92NY’s website.)


Podcasts Share Poems From Non-Speaking, Autistic Community

“Once I sluggishly died to the idea of talking, my mind was free to roam.” Those words begin a poem written by Richie Specht, 27, using what is known as the Rapid Prompting Method (RPM). The poem was written when Richie was 20. “It is a methodology used by a


The New York State Department Of Transportation Has A New Podcast

The stories behind the state’s vast transportation network Picture this: you’re traveling somewhere upstate to see family or go skiing, and you see a truck ahead of you dumping salt on the highway. You may have wondered before what goes into a snow and ice response, but now, the New


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