The Beauty Of Fall In Your Home

Here’s a design checklist to make you ready for the season

For those who are new to embracing the fall season, there’s always room to learn how to spread some fall cheer. Whether you’re a novice or beginner, here’s all you need to know in preparation for the upcoming season.

Fall Colors

Orange is a fall color that you will see during the season. It’s featured in a variety of popular items that we use during the year such as pumpkins and gourds. Other colors that are popular during the fall season are mixes of yellows, browns and greens. These colors can accent orange in many ways. Popular items that showcase these colors are ears of corn, green leaves and even tree bark.

Fall Decorating Ideas

When decorating your house during the fall season, it’s always important to include fall foliage. Whether that’s on your dining room table or showcased in your front yard. Another way to think about this is decorating your house with items that are around you, such as leaves from your yard, flowers from your garden and even branches.

Fall decorating looks its best when there are visuals on display. When it comes to decorating in general, visuals are everything. Visuals can really add a sense that the season is all around you. Visuals aren’t just photographs. Visuals can be items that create a picture or illustrate a feeling such as paintings, handmade crafts and glassware. When decorating, it’s best to incorporate pockets of fall accents throughout the entire house or focus in one specific area. 

Fall Scents

It’s the time of year for scents such as pumpkin, cinnamon and clove. Those are the epitome of fall. The scents can be representative in items such as candles, baked goods and even hand or bath washes. When mixed together, each brings a sense of warmth and comfort. Having scents be representative in your fall design make for a big splash. Scents are a simple way to enhance your space and bring freshness to the home.

Incorporating fall design can be done, whether you’re designing a small or large space. Designing any space is a unique effort as everyone has different tastes of what they do or don’t like. Most importantly, enjoy the season and enjoy decorating.

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