Dekō Cocktails Launches Certified Kosher Ready-To-Drink Cocktails Featuring Long Island-Grown Ingredients

Summon the gilded age at home with Dekō Cocktails, Long Island’s new locally-sourced, ready-to-drink, certified kosher bottled cocktails. Now offering direct-to-consumer sales and shipping across 30+ states, Dekō Cocktails also offers free delivery to Long Island and the five boroughs of New York.

Dekō Cocktails is a brand apart in the ready-to-drink category with their multi-serving, all-in-one glass bottled cocktails made entirely of local Long Island-grown ingredients.

Featuring hand-foraged elderflower, juniper berries, lemons and lavender, as well as raw unprocessed honey sourced from local North Fork apiaries, Dekō is also certified 100 percent kosher by the leading kosher authority, Star-K, making it the first premium kosher RTD cocktail on the market. Each of Dekō Cocktails’ flavors evoke the clandestine speakeasies of the past, but are elevated to the refined palates and standards of today, using only the highest-quality North Fork-grown ingredients. Dekō cocktails aim to bring balance, taste and an artistic aesthetic to the at-home bar experience.

This month’s nationwide launch of Dekō Cocktails will focus on two balanced, classic flavors: the Bee’s Knees and the Gold Rush. The Bee’s Knees features Dekō’s signature lavender gin, distilled from corn grown locally on Long Island’s North Fork. The Gold Rush is a cocktail born in New York’s Lower East Side and elevated with Dekō’s American oak-aged bourbon. Both are sweetened with raw wildflower honey and fresh fruit juices, and each art deco-inspired 375-ml glass bottle of Gold Rush and Bee’s Knees contains four servings.

Dekō has also launched their first seasonal offering called the Firefly, which showcases their new signature vodka paired with cooling cucumber, foraged elderflower and a kick of habanero.

Founded by Ushie Shafran, Dov Friedman and Dan Rabinowitz, Dekō Cocktails is inspired by the Gatsby-esque dinners Ushie hosted for his friends and colleagues at his Long Island home (pre-COVID) sharing food, spirits and space. Rabinowitz, lawyer, technologist and author, has had a decades-long passion for the practice of food. He has consulted with restaurateurs in the U.S. and abroad developing cocktail menus that highlight the kitchen, local ingredients and create a sense of place. Friedman has taken dozens of startups from ideation to the shelves of the biggest retailers in the world. His experience with packaging and design along with Rabinowitz and Shafran’s passion for elevated culinary and cocktail experiences combined to create the truly exceptional quality and refined aesthetic of Dekō Cocktails.

“We cherish going out to bars and restaurants; the experience of enjoying a thoughtfully-crafted cocktail and feeling taken care of in a beautiful space is incredibly important to us,” Rabinowitz said. “During the pandemic we tried all of the bottled cocktails out there and could not find one that we actually felt satisfied this need or made us feel good about the ingredients we were drinking. With Dekō, our goal is to transport our customers to the best bars in the world with the simple, yet perfectly-balanced flavors of our cocktails. We also want our clientele to feel assured that they are drinking the highest quality ingredients available, that were grown and made by experts on the North Fork who care deeply about the environment and their products.”

Dekō Cocktails is partnering with Matchbook Distilling, the award winning woman-owned distillery in Greenport. They distill their own vodka and gin from local corn, age their bourbon in-house and are true champions of local agriculture. Through their connections, they have helped ensure that Dekō is able to source all of their cocktail ingredients from the region’s farmers and foragers.

“We were hoping to find a local distillery that not only makes creative and delicious bespoke spirits, but also upholds the environmental standards that we aspire to,” said Friedman. “Matchbook Distilling blew us away on every level. They are dedicated to the art and tradition of spirit-making and also care deeply about their community. We are inspired and grateful to call them a strategic partner.”

Dekō Cocktails ships all of their cocktails directly from their own shipping facility in Washington D.C. and is available in all states throughout the contiguous U.S. (Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia). Free delivery on Long Island and throughout the five boroughs of New York.

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Christy Hinko
Christy Hinko is a managing editor at Anton Media Group. She is a New York Press Association (NYPA) and Press Club of Long Island (PCLI) award-winning writer and photographer.

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