Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s New Location Opens In Garden City

NYC Restaurateur Tal Sheinman has opened the fourth franchise location of the already popular Brooklyn Dumpling Shop. This new location opened on April 24, in founder and creator, Stratis Morfogen’s hometown of Garden City at 684 Stewart Ave. (previously Mac & Melts). 

Steamed dumplings and the shop’s signature coleslaw (Christy Hinko)

Sheinman, a New York native, has a long-standing history in the restaurant industry, operating multiple restaurants frequented by celebrities as well as a long standing café in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Now Sheinman is tapping back into his years of experience in the restaurant world, with the launch of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in Garden City.  

“I am excited to bring Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to Garden City,” Sheinman said. When I first heard about Brooklyn Dumpling Shop I knew that this was a concept I had to be involved with.”

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in Garden City (Christy Hinko)

This new franchise follows the success of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s franchise locations in Staten Island, Hoboken and Queens that that have seen lines out the door since opening. 

“Since many of my family members live on Long Island, it felt that the perfect place to bring this new franchise,” Sheinman said. “I hope that Brooklyn Dumpling Shop can become a staple in this community just as it has in other locations, becoming the go-to  for one of kind fast-casual dining.”

Dumplings in soup broth and fried dumplings (Christy Hinko)

The franchise locations follow in the success that Morfogen has set in place with his flagship location on St. Marks Place in New York City. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a unique franchise focused around contactless Automat machines that serves one of a kind dumplings like PB&J, Pastrami and the newly launched Cro’Sumplings ™ (Breakfast Dumplings). 

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is the fastest growing franchise in fast casual food, selling more than 50 franchises before opening their flagship location in New York City and today have sold more than 200 franchises.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, brings new flavors to the masses with a twist on the traditional dumpling. Recently he launched a new entrée option with the Brooklyn Chop Chop Bowls. These new bowls are fully customizable allowing guests to choose a base of either Rice or Noodles, then select their protein from options like, Grilled or Crispy Chicken, Shrimp, or Plant Based Chicken. Guests can then finish off their bowls with a choice of sauces ranging from Kung Pao, Beijing, Sweet & Sour, Buffalo Ranch or Brooklyn Chop House’s world famous Peanut Sauce.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in Garden City offers a yesteryear Automat experience. (Christy Hinko)

Outside of its one of a kind dumpling‘s, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, has seen a great response from their Automat contactless ordering system, a point of interest for a post-pandemic friendly world. Morfogen has brought the Automat of yesteryear into the present with advanced Autoflow technology made for today and Zero Human Interaction (ZHI) throughout the entire grab and go. In addition, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s state-of-the-art food locker technology from ONDO, powered by Panasonic, will provide guests with an easy, safe option to pick up orders from temperature-controlled lockers at peak freshness.

“The Automat was single-handedly the greatest fast food distribution equipment ever designed. The technology we’ve brought to Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is unlike anything that has been seen before. It has allowed us to create an Autoflow from a customers’ cell phone to our touchless ordering kiosks, right to our lockers to bring quick-serve restaurants into the 21st century,” said Morfogen. “The pandemic delayed Brooklyn Dumpling  Shop’s opening by a year, but this was a concept I came up with in 2018.”

Guests can place an order on their phone or via one of the restaurant’s Touchless POS kiosks. When a guest’s order is ready, the customer will receive a text notification to get their special delivery from a marked, temperature-controlled locker; it will open automatically once the customer scans their barcode. Lockers storing hot food will be red-lit, indicating it is 145 degrees; chilled lockers will be blue-lit and 38 degrees. Auburn-lit lockers will disclose one’s at room temperature. This provides a ZHI experience from start to finish. 

Grab some swag too, plushies, steaming baskets and the shop’s own cookbook. (Christy Hinko)

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop also offers a line of mail-order products to customers across the United States and will have their dumplings in Walmart nationwide in 2023.

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Christy Hinko
Christy Hinko is a managing editor at Anton Media Group. She is a New York Press Association (NYPA) and Press Club of Long Island (PCLI) award-winning writer and photographer.

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