Karen Tenenbaum

Karen Tenenbaum, Esq., LL.M. (Tax), CPA is founder and a managing partner of Tenenbaum Law, P.C. (www.litaxattorney.com), a tax law firm in Melville, which focuses its practice on the resolution of IRS and New York State tax controversies. She can be reached at ktenenbaum@litaxattorney.com or 631-465-5000.

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Don’t Lose Your Driver’s License Or Passport Due To Unpaid Taxes

By Karen Tenenbaum Few individuals realize New York State can suspend the driver’s license of a delinquent taxpayer and the IRS can take away a taxpayer’s passport. In order to avoid losing a license or passport,...

Don’t Lose Your Restaurant Because Of Unpaid Sales Taxes

By Karen Tenenbaum Every year, restaurants get shut down for nonpayment for sales or withholding taxes. Based on an analysis of media coverage, restaurant seizures seem to be more common than other types of business seizures....



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