Where Are New Yorkers Looking For Sanctuary From The Urban Lifestyle?

Everyone needs a break, especially from NYC.

While the global citizenship has been migrating to New York for the last century, those calling these busy streets “home” have been leaving in search of a new haven. In fact, according to U.S. Census stats, New York is easily among the top five states when it comes to people moving out. And with so many New Yorkers looking to escape the concrete jungle of their everyday lives in the Big Apple, one has to wonder where they all go. So, the question arises: why and where are New Yorkers looking for sanctuary from the city streets?

What are the reasons for people deciding to leaving NYC?

Despite what most of us would wish to believe, there is no place the fits the definition of Utopia. Home is where the heart is—it is where you feel most at ease. And for some, the loud, disruptive and busy streets of New York are just that. For others, this might not be the case—far from it. That is how many people come to the same conclusion—that they need a temporary or permanent break from it all. So, what are some of the most common reasons why people decide to leave New York?

The expensive lifestyle, for one

Nobody is really surprised to learn that NYC is an expensive place to live. However, what might surprise people is the fact that it was the 4th most expensive U.S. city to rent or purchase housing in 2018. Add to that the costs of buying groceries and clothing, dining out, transportation, utilities… and what you get is close to the first down-payment for a home in most other cities and states.

The cutthroat job market

With NYC being so overcrowded with daily newcomers, you can only imagine the lack of job opportunities. Which city could keep up with such a high request for jobs, even one as big as New York? Even with the countless companies and organizations in the city, the market is still overwhelmed in comparison to the overall population. This ratio leads to unemployment and despair, which ultimately leads to New Yorkers looking for sanctuary away from the city. And this is yet another reason why people decide to take that next exit and escape.

Noise pollution and overcrowded vibe

Sure enough, we all know that one person that can’t imagine life without the noise of the streets and people. However, the majority still prefers an environment that offers peace of mind, even if for only a couple of hours. And that is not something you can easily find in New York City. This is a city that never sleeps, one where someone is always up and about. The good news is that there are quiet places in New York that can help you escape the chaos out there (temporary and mild as it sounds).

Sure enough, if the situation ever came when this metropolis came to a halt and silence, it would be in the case of the apocalypse. And even then, I feel that someone would be yelling about the traffic jams. But in all seriousness, this is definitely among the top reasons why people opt for leaving the city (even temporarily).

Many people don’t want to raise a family in an urban environment.

Lack of conditions for a normal childhood

We all want what is best for our children. You will rarely come across a person that believes that the urban environment of NYC is best for their family, unless they themselves didn’t experience any other environment. And this lack of a normal, outdoor childhood, is what makes New Yorkers looking for sanctuary from their urban homes.

Once you start a family, everything changes. Priorities change and so does the need for being surrounded by tall buildings and loud, chaotic streets. That is what prompts most people for looking for a way out of the city.

And where are the people of New York seeking escape from it all?

While some consider New York to be their “one and only” home, others find it easily replaceable in case a better option appears. For the first group, having the perfect weekend getaway from the chaos of it all is more than enough. The second group has no trouble relocating their entire home across state lines, according to moving industry findings.

What are the most popular weekends getaways for New Yorkers?

  • Bear Mountain, NY – approximately 75 minutes from NYC, this state park offers plenty of hiking and biking trails. Add to that the picnic potential it has, the fishing options, swimming pool, zoo… and you have the ideal sanctuary from NYC.
  • Asbury Park, NJ – for those that are comfortable with their sexuality and the sexuality of others, this summertime gay community is a very pleasant and open-minded one. The perfect setting to forget about your troubles.
  • Beacon, NY – aside from its historical significance, Beacon is packed with modern-day culture. This location is what you might call a magnet for indie people.
  • New Hope, PA – the jewel of Bucks County, this lovely place will fill your appetite and shopping needs.
  • New Paltz, NY – the destination of choice for all history buffs. New Paltz offers preserved houses that are over 100 years old.
  • Sea Girt, NJ – with miles of beautiful shoreline and beaches, this small town is the perfect romantic getaway for couples.
  • Lake Placid, NY – art, shopping, hiking, swimming and one killer mountain…all just the tip of the iceberg that is Lake Placid.
  • Greenwich, CT – despite the rich tourists it attracts, this 60,000 town still offers a small-town feel. Plenty of beaches, harbors, restaurants and sweet neighborhood to explore—all just an hour out of the city by train.

Other worthy mentions:

We could probably spend all day and night discussing the best weekend getaways from the chaos of New York. However, since we don’t have all that time on our hands, we already noted some of the closest destinations above. And now, we will also mention some of the farther but nonetheless interesting destinations:

  • Hudson, NY
  • Phoenicia, NY
  • Shelter Island
  • The Berkshires, MA
  • Cape May, NJ
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • The Hamptons
  • Montauk
  • Cooperstown, NY
  • Newport, RI
  • Bethlehem, PA

Marcus Parker is history grad, with a background in tourism and languages. Having changed so many home locations in his life so far, he developed a keen interest in the migration trends within the U.S.—how people think, where they travel and why. It is that interest that made him the perfect choice of writer for Verified Movers. As a nationwide brokerage, this company offer the perfect choice for finding relocation assistance.


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