What Traits Are Companies Looking For In Employees Today?

What qualities will make you stand out from the crowd? (Image by Tumisu from Pixabay)
By Henry Nelson

You always hear people complaining about having to find work, going in for job interviews, having to qualify for certain positions, etc. What most fail to understand is that simple yet true saying—where there’s a will, there’s a way! And in the case of employment, it’s simple a matter of knowing what are the traits companies look for in employees today and matching most of those.

Help potential employers learn why you are the perfect fit for their company and you are sure to find long-term employment in their business. This is not meaningless motivational speech, it’s simple corporate logic. Everybody is replaceable…until we make ourselves irreplaceable.

The current unemployment rate speaks for itself

According to Trading Economics, the current unemployment rate in the U.S. has been holding steady for the past two months at 3.6 percent. With so many new job opportunities opening up in different industries across the nation, people are finding is much simpler to find work than in the past. The simplicity of relocation certainly helps, in addition to the comfort and practicality that technology and online jobs offer. Of course, it also helps to keep up with current employment trends, as well as what it is that modern companies look for in their employees.

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10 traits companies look for in employees today

What are the expectations that companies today want in the people that work for them? How do you match against them? Take a couple of minutes to go through them—the results might just surprise you.

#1: Strong Work Ethic

Working hard is important, but so is working smart. Companies appreciate when you demonstrate that you are organized in the work that you do, as well as willing to go the extra mile to ensure something is done right. Markets shift fast today and companies succeed or fail overnight. One of the basis for success is having a team with the right work ethic and discipline.

#2: Dependability and Responsibility

Coming to work on time and keeping colleagues and managers informed about current situations and plans can demonstrate responsibility on your end. It also shows others that they can depend on you in times of need. And so, dependability and responsibility are definitely traits that companies look for in employees today.

#3: A Positive Attitude

Nobody really likes having a grinch in the office. Employers always want and need people that are optimistic and enthusiastic in the workplace. When you have positive energy in the workplace, it’s contagious. People tend to rely around you and follow your example, which superiors also tend to notice.

#4: Adaptability

The job market today is no longer as black and white as it used to be. People are not as constricted within a certain industry as they used to be. With so many online courses and educational opportunities, it’s much easier to embrace new job demands and adapt to the requirements of companies quickly. And this is definitely a wanted trait in any business. The skill to adapt to any change, no matter how drastic or minor—companies eat that up!

#5: Honesty and Integrity

All good relationships are built on trust. And you can’t have trust without honest and integrity. Employers know this, which is why they look for it in potential employees all the time. Because when you have a team of honest people, customers tend to catch it as well, which helps in building a strong long-term relationship with them as well.

#6: Self-Motivation

The less time a company needs to spend on supervising your work and offering you directions, the better! Among the traits that companies look for in employees today, understanding your responsibilities and acting on them is more than enough to impress those above you. And it is that type of behavior that can help you advance and grow fast within a business.

#7: The Will to Grow and Learn

We all know that one person (or more) that are happy with the work they do and wouldn’t do anything to change it. Personally, I have a hard time communicating with that type of people. Those that have zero motivation when it comes to personal growth and knowledge.

With so many opportunities to learn and such easy access to endless knowledge, people should be grasping for new skills like oxygen. After all, it is new skills and knowledge that can launch your career to the next evolutionary step.

#8: Strong Self-Confidence

People often wonder how others get all the opportunities while nothing goes their own way. It’s the sheer confidence! The courage to see something you want, and step up and seize it for yourself. For employers, confidence is a sign of strength, and one that they want in managers and leaders. The fact is that self-confidence can often bring you positive results even when you don’t expect or deserve them.

#9: Professionalism

Your appearance and demeanor can tell a lot about you in the work place. Although a lot of businesses follow a business/casual type of work policy, exhibiting professional behavior in the workplace is always a good move. Companies appreciate employees that are focused on the work they do, with a strong attention to detail. It is that work optimism and devotion that often leads to employment and promotion.

#10: Loyalty

Among the traits companies look for in employees today, loyalty is very much appreciated. Given the fact that people will change jobs 12 times during a lifetime on average, companies definitely want those willing to stick with their brand as much as possible. And that is why companies offer so many opportunities to grow to those that earn them. They train and invest into employees with the nation that they will stick with them, through the good and bad.

(Image by Tumisu from Pixabay)

It’s not news that people are expected to possess certain skill and traits to progress in their workplace. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ve found yourself in possession of most of the traits mentioned here. And if this is not the case, then go out there and start working on yourself! Life is not about the chances that others offer us, but about the opportunities we create for ourselves.

Having served in the military for more than eight years, Henry Nelson developed a unique perspective on life, which led him to the conclusion that everyone should have a voice to speak up. Henry found his voice through written word, and now works as part of a veteran-owned moving company in Worcester, MA, Grunts Move Junk and Moving.


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