What Are The Top Job Opportunities On Long Island?

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By Elijah Bronson

Did you know that the average American will move as many as 12 times in their lifetime? And there are many reasons that can lead to this decision—family, housing options, climate, health… However, one of the most dominating reasons to relocate usually comes from the appeal of work. And Long Island is no different when it comes to this fact. Many people settled and are still settling on Long Island in search of better opportunities to work and grow. However, most are probably unfamiliar with the top job opportunities on Long Island. And this is exactly what we will explore today, with the hope that it will make the decision to move a bit easier.

Which are the most appealing job opportunities on Long Island today?

According to the 2017 report from the New York State Department of Labor, there are five trending employment options to consider on Long Island. These were “selected by labor market analysts based on occupational survey data and the projected needs of their region.” So, here are the top job opportunities on Long Island you should look into:

Getting into the world of software development is a smart decision.

#1: Software Developers, Applications

With an annual income averaging in $93,660, there really is no reason for you not to pursue the modern trend of seeking employment in software development and programming. Sure, it takes time and effort to reach a satisfying level of expertise in this niche. Then again, which job doesn’t? And due to the large demand of the tech industry for ambitious and innovative minds, you should find no trouble walking into the supply pool. When it comes to trending job opportunities on Long Island, this one definitely applies. And there are plenty of courses that you can find, so long as you have the will to learn.

Help others to remain healthy.

#2: Physical Therapists

Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles have become an epidemic of the modern world. With technology being so omnipresent, people have started to rely on it more and more. And Long Island is no exception to this fact. The solution – the growing need for sports and physical activities. One of the consequences—physical injuries and strains on your body.

And this is exactly where the call to physical therapists comes into play. So, if you are self-conscious about your health and you care about helping others achieve the same, then you might just want to explore the calling of a physical therapist. This goes even more for the residents of Long Island that have an average of 91,230 reasons on an annual basis to seek this job.

The job of a nurse isn’t easy, but it is in demand.

#3: Registered Nurses

If you really care about helping people, no matter their age or condition, then you’ve just hit the jackpot when it comes to top job opportunities on Long Island. This region is very welcoming to the calling of registered nurses in the recent years. And registered nurses have a good reason to accept this hospitality, with an offer of $86,940 annually. So, if you are looking for a work opportunity with the option to help others, this might just be the one you’ve been waiting for.

Plumbing still has its potential to fulfill among the top job opportunities on Long Island.

#4: Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters

In spite of the constant development of technology and self-thought expertise, there are still skills that you can’t learn online. And as far as Long Island is concerned, this refers to the calling of plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters. The average income on an annual basis professionals in this area comes up to $78,610. So, if you are a seasoned professional when it comes to plumbing and fitting, you might just be able to find financial stability on Long Island.

Marketing is big everywhere today, and Long Island is no exception.

#5: Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Everything is starting to revolve around the aspect of marketing. Not just marketing, but digital marketing. Companies are gaining high levels of value and absurd amounts of income through online traffic and conversions. And this is why more and more companies are turning to seasoned SEO companies for assistance. This is also why marketing specialists and market research analysts are so highly regarded on Long Island today. And with $68,590 a year, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that this calling found its place on our list of top job opportunities on Long Island.

Developments in the Long Island Labor Market

And now, let’s get down to some actual number and statistics in this past year. The truth of the matter is that the number of private sector jobs on Long Island is exponentially growing by the year. In fact, the number of private sector jobs has increased by 1.6 percent in 2018. In actual numbers, this translates to 18,100 jobs. And when you consider that the growth on a state level was 1.5 percent, and 2.0 percent on a national level, Long Island is headed down a good path.

According to the monitoring of the NY Department of Labor, five out of nine private industry sectors marked a growth in jobs between November and December. So, if you are looking for the top job opportunities on Long Island to explore, you have nothing to worry about. There is more than enough for anyone, making this the perfect time to reside (or settle) on Long Island.

Though Elijah Bronson started off his career in the moving industry, writing for professional moving companies such as JP Urban Moving Brooklyn has become a new passion for him. This newfound skill has brought him diversification in the content topics he covers, as well as experience as a writer. He focuses on moving tips, travel guidelines, real estate trends and overall guides to help people with some challenging projects and endeavors. In his spare time, Elijah enjoys hitting the gym, camping and hiking.

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