Ultimate Grilling Gear


GrillingGear_GeorgeForemanGrillA good steak is nothing without the perfect marinade and a grill master is nothing without his or her tools. Be the boss of everyone’s favorite summer activity with these grilling essentials.

George Foreman grill $49.99

The classic George Foreman grill is a favorite among many grillers. This one serves four and is ideal to whip up a quick family meal of chicken or burgers. Featuring non-stick coating and two removable dishwasher-safe grill plates, cleanup is a breeze. Available at www.georgeforemancooking.com.

GrillingGear_CharcoalFogo 35-pound lump charcoal bag $51.55

This bag of premium all natural hardwood lump charcoal is ideal for lighting the fire. A smoky flavor will add a unique taste to your meats and the high quality coal is designed to burn hotter and last longer. Available on FogoCharcoal.com and Amazon.

Mr. Bar-B-Q tool set $62.99 (30-piece)

GrillingGear_BBQToolSetEverything you need to become a grilling master is in this nifty carrying case. This all-inclusive tool set comes in 12, 18, 20, 21 or 30 piece options. Made of durable stainless steel, the set includes everything from a spatula, fork, tongs and carving knife to corn holders, long-handled skewers, steak knives, a wire grill brush and a silicone basting brush. Available at www.mrbarbq.com and Amazon.

Adjustable burger press $21.95

Creating your own burger has never been more fun. This simple to use burger press allows you to stuff and shape different size burgers from ¼-pound, 1/3-pound and ½-pound patties. Not for use on grill. Available at Sur La Table.

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