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Jewelry designs change more slowly than fashion design, but that doesn’t mean that certain styles aren’t having a moment. Esther Fortunoff of Fortunoff Fine Jewelry shared what’s on trend for the upcoming fall and winter season and the role jewelry has in creating a personal look.


The fashion of the 1980s is still very much in full swing and the same goes for jewelry as well.

“The ’80s were the heyday of yellow gold and that’s what it’s about now, both chunky and thin,” said Fortunoff. “People love big chunky gold statement necklaces, large links and chains and big hoop earrings, but also like the opposite of delicate, thin necklaces and smaller studs.”


“People like when there’s a group or cluster of diamonds together,” said Fortunoff. “Clusters are back in style but they were popular 25 years ago, so now it’s a nuance that’s different.”

Some of the cluster pieces available include basic groupings of stones and more that are off-beat and “a little new and kind of wacky,” notes Fortunoff of the designs that feature stones off-centered, jagged and unique looking.


In the 1940s and ’60s there was a widespread use of gemstones, which many people love for the colorful rainbow of stones available and because birthstone jewelry was popular.

“I see a movement towards a rainbow of sapphires, since they come in every color of the rainbow. The most popular is blue sapphires then yellow and pink,” said Fortunoff of gemstones. “There’s a lot of beautiful shades of citrine as well, which pairs nicely with yellow gold and morganite, which has been around for a long time and looks lovely with rose gold.”


Vintage jewelry is also a moment. According to Fortunoff, vintage pieces are popular in bridal jewelry, engagement rings and wedding bands.

“This style was a favorite in the 1920s, but changed after the depression and World War II,” she said. “After those events, jewelers weren’t making delicate platinum and diamond things anymore, but more chunky and yellow gold pieces with a different kind of styling.”

Rose Gold

Long before it was popular in the 1920s, rose gold was popular around the world. According to Fortunoff, Eastern Europeans adored rose gold and utilized it very much in their jewelry design, and it was the Italian designers who brought it back about two decades ago.

“Plain gold or tri-color gold items were popular in the ’80s, but rose gold became the primary metal for an engagement ring or wedding band back then,” said Fortunoff. “In 2005, rose gold came back in style again, but wasn’t really popularized until a few years ago.”

Fortunoff Fine Jewelry is making some updates to their line to include gold necklaces that can be shortened into a choker or longer into a layered necklace that can be worn long or doubled.

“I love that we are bringing in pieces from the decorative arts. For example, we have a cuff that is handmade with enamel by and an intricate gold leaf design,” said Fortunoff on drawing inspirations and designs from the 18th century. “Different designs are often taken from architecture, churches or paintings and used on these cuffs.”

As for the role of jewelry in adding to an individual’s style, Fortunoff believes that you don’t have to have a bunch of pieces at your disposal.

“Find something that complements your eyes, or hair or skin tone that can go with a lot of items in your closet,” said Fortunoff. “And remember, a family heirloom can become your talisman.”

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