Toys For Children With Autism


Every child loves to laugh and play. For those children on the autism spectrum, sometimes the simple task of enjoying playtime can be difficult and frustrating. Check out this list for fun toys for your child.

Alphabet Sound Puzzle

The wooden puzzle pronounces the correct name of each letter when it is placed in the correct spot. The puzzle is a great tool for teaching children with autism who benefit from visual and auditory learning. The puzzle is also a fun way for children to practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The puzzle is also available in a 21-piece number version. Adult supervision is recommended, as the small parts present a choking hazard. Available at

Tangle Jr.

Tangles are great for keeping children’s hands busy anywhere. This small toy is made of 18 interconnected pieces that can twist in a variety of directions. The toy makes no noise and is small enough to fit in a backpack or purse, making it perfect for any scenario. Tangles are great for keeping the mind busy while providing constant activity for a child’s hands. It comes in a variety of colors and textures, ensuring that there is one for every child to enjoy. Available at

Hoberman Mini Sphere

The Hoberman Mini Sphere is both fun and educational. It can be used to teach cause and effect, develop motor skills, encourage imaginative play, and more. The simplicity of the expanding and contracting motions provide a child with the repetitive motions needed for busy brain activity. The rainbow of colors expanding and contracting is also a fantastic, eye-catching visual. It expands from 5 inches up to 12 inches in diameter, and the lightweight frame makes easy for a young child to carry around. Available at

Photo Conversation Cards for Children with Autism and Asperger’s

The Photo Conversation Cards are helpful for developing the social skills of children with autism. Each photo card comes with a unique story that focuses on the development of the child’s communication and social skills. You can use the cards to discuss the specific social situations presented and the possible actions or reactions that would accompany the situation. The pictures of social interactions will help the child learn how to handle the situations on each card. Available on

Hippity Hop

The Hippity Hop is beneficial for a child with autism because it provides so many positives. Aside from being able to be used indoors or outdoors, the Hippity Hop is a great stress reliever because it is so mentally stimulating. Coordination skills are required to stay on while bouncing and to get on and off, keeping a child’s mind busy. While it relieves stress, it is also a way for a child to get exercise and build muscle in the legs. Available on Amazon at

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