Top 15 Weekend Getaways For Long Island Families

Get some quality family time in on a weekend vacation. (Image by Eva Mospanova from Pixabay)
By Truman Scott

Everyone knows how beneficial a good vacation, no matter how short, can be for both the mind and body. Especially when you have an entire family to consider. Not only does it help reduce the overall level of stress within a household, but you can strengthen family relations and values—something people tend to neglect nowadays. So, let’s take a closer look at our selection of destinations that are both within driving distance and far enough from the everyday struggles you experience.

The ideal weekend getaways for families in Long Island are just a car ride away.

Weekend getaways for families in Long Island within the state of New York:

The thing about weekend getaways to remember is that they last for a couple of days. So, you want to spend as little time as possible on the road. This is why most families will opt for locations within state borders. Fortunately, the Empire State has plenty of family-friendly destinations to offer—here are my top seven to consider:

Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame (Image of jpenrose from Pixabay)

Cooperstown (4 hours from Nassau County)

If baseball is held in high regards in your household, you will find the perfect setting in Cooperstown—the birthplace of national pastime. This example of the time-honored virtues of small-town America lives and breathes baseball. With the now modernized and greatly expanded National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, people from around the country find it a sight to behold.

Fire Island (Image by Pexels from Pixabay)

Fire Island (1 hour or less from Nassau County)

Take a 20-minute ferry ride to a simpler world, one without the need for cars and the urban jungle of NYC. Extending a single mile in width and 32 miles in length, Fire Island is the ideal beach getaway, but one that is hard to come by. With the 17 communities it is comprised of, most home owners will not offer rentals for less than a week. So, this is a trip you would have to plan and book well ahead of time.

Shelter Island (Image of patteybleecker from Pixabay)

Shelter Island (2 hours from Nassau County)

If you want a weekend to spend doing absolutely nothing, then Shelter Island is the destination for you. Accessible only by ferry, the island has 20 miles of coastline—harbors, inlets, creeks, marshes, coves etc. However, before you get into it all, you should know that only three beaches are public: Wades (family-friendly), Shell (secluded) and Crescent (magnet for hipsters).

Hudson Valley (Image by eewilliams78 from Pixabay)

Hudson Valley (2.5 hours from Nassau County)

For families looking for a weekend filled with thrills and the full vacation package, the Rocking Horse Ranch in Hudson Valley is the choice of champions. With 500 acres of mountain views and a private lake, this resort offer everything families might need to enjoy their weekend—from meals and evening entertainment to fun activities such as horseback riding, scavenger hunts, a water park, rock climbing, mini-golf, archery, full-service spa, magical shows and musical venues.

West Point (Image by David Mark from Pixabay)

West Point (2 hours from Nassau County)

We are all aware of the military importance of West Point and the large piece of national history it presents. What you might not know is that you can experience a lot of family friendly activities while there. A guided tour bus for those interested in the history of West Point, and exploring Bear Mountain State Park for those in search of adventure. West Point has something for everyone!

Lake George (Image by Joel Rollins from Pixabay)

Lake George (4 hours from Nassau County)

To all the outdoors lovers out there, Lake George present a NYC weekend getaway dream-come-true. Here, the sky is the limit—there are only about 4 hours of driving time between yourself and countless activities such as parasailing, picnics, music venues, white-water rafting, horseback riding, panoramic views, delicious cuisine and more

Adirndacks (Image by u_27zlt0ir from Pixabay)

Adirondack Mountains (5 hours from Nassau County)

Last and the furthest on our list of weekend getaways for families in Long Island. The Adirondacks offer a unique thrill for mountain climbers—46 peaks over 4,000 feet. Although there are more than 300 miles between Long Island and the Adirondacks, just the amount of picture-perfect lakes and streams will be worth the trip.

Weekend getaways for families in Long Island beyond state lines

Although the state of New York has plenty to offer in terms or weekend vacation spots, some people tend to look for more. Sometimes, making the long trip is better choice, and I completely support that. So, to cross into other states, here are eight destinations worth mentioning that are popular among New Yorkers:

  • Newport, Rhode Island (4 hours from Nassau County)
  • Washington D.C. (5 hours from Nassau County)
  • Boston, Massachusetts (4 hours from Nassau County)
  • Cape May, New Jersey (3 hours from Nassau County)
  • Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (4.5 hours from Nassau County)
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2.4 hours from Nassau County)
  • Annapolis, Maryland (4.5 hours from Nassau County)
  • Portsmouth, New Hampshire (5 hours from Nassau County)

Sometimes, weekend getaways for families in Long Island can easily turn into new opportunities. Who knows—one weekend might just make you fall in love with a completely new place and seek out new housing, employment and educational opportunities there. It’s important to keep an open mind, wherever you decide to go—because this is the only way to truly experience the benefits that place can offer.

Truman Scott is a travel and freelance writer, with more than years of experience in writing for different companies and niches. He currently writes articles for notable NYC companies such as Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, and is always looking for ways to expand his range and knowledge.


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