Teacher Appreciation Week


While one week doesn’t seem like enough to recognize and be thankful for all of the hard work and support that teachers give to our children, this year that special week is May 7 through 11. Teacher Appreciation Week is a time for both parents and student to show their gratitude to their educators, and no gift, no matter how small goes unnoticed. These sweet, simple gifts and thoughtful gestures are sometimes all a teacher needs on a rough day to remind them why they chose their career path.

Consider these gifts for your child’s teacher.


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Tried and true, but still an affordable gift. Whether they drink out of it or display it on their desk as a pen holder, teachers love mugs. Fun sayings, pictures and grateful phrases are popular to gift onto a mug, or you can create your own image to personalize. Filling the mug with chocolate or candy is a sweet extra thought as well.

Picture frame

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Teacher-themed picture frames are a sweet desk memento for the classroom. Include a class photo or a nice poem or quote in the frame so it isn’t empty upon opening.


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The quintessential teacher gift, the iconic apple. A paperweight apple engraved with the teacher’s name, monogrammed with their initials or “#1 Teacher” is a great gift that teachers can use year after year. This apple doubles as a bell and paperweight.

Basket of goodies

Basket gifts are a fantastic way to combine gifts and can be even more playful with a theme. A journal, nice pens and a bookmark is perfect for the English teacher while an art teacher might appreciate an adult coloring book, a new pencil set and a gift card to a craft store. And it can’t hurt to toss in a bottle of hand sanitizer, which every teacher needs.

Gift Cards

While gift cards may seem like an impersonal gift to some, they are actually quite practical and your child’s teacher will appreciate these more than you know. Gift cards to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or even Target will go a long way when teachers need a caffeine pick me up or something to read for leisure. 

Other gift ideas

Tote bag, Christmas ornament, plastic tumbler, a plant and school and art supplies for the classroom.

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