St. Paddy’s Every Day

Paddy’s Loft celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with classic cuisine.
Paddy’s Loft celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with classic cuisine.

Paddy’s Loft, going on 18 years in business, leaps beyond the traditional confines of the neighborhood pub. The welcoming atmosphere is there, as is the warm embrace of a family setting—but what sets it apart is the quality of the cuisine prepared and served under a delightfully Irish ambiance.

Everything from the carpeting to the lighting to the wall decorations make Paddy’s Loft the perfect pub—even more so when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

guinessThe restaurant’s celebrations kick off Saturday, March 12, and run through Sunday, March 20. Bands and solo musicians will grace the airwaves of the restaurant with live music all week long. Traditional Irish food will also be available, including corned beef, bangers and mash, beef stew, smoked salmon and fish and chips, just to name a few.

Eaters can’t go wrong with the restaurant’s take on the classic corned beef and cabbage. Served along with the traditional trimmings of potatoes and carrots, the corned beef is slow cooked and fork tender, basted perfectly with the meat’s natural fatty juices. Paired with mustard and Paddy’s Loft’s perfect pint of Guinness, it is the quintessential Irish bite.

Another traditional dish to consider is the bangers and mash, which sounds simple, but the flavor profile is deep and rich, with a savory, brown onion gravy shrouding the entire dish and making each bite delectable and smooth.

Much more than meat and potatoes, Paddy’s Loft boasts an enticing seafood menu. Ireland is, after all, an island, so it stands to reason that the Irish know their way around a fishing vessel. On special this particular night was scallops and shrimp over spinach risotto with a lobster cognac sauce. The masterfully seared scallops married well with the shrimp, and provided the perfect foil to the creamy spinach risotto. The lobster cognac sauce took the dish to an entirely unexpected level, salty and savory in all the right ways.

For dessert, order a Jameson Irish Coffee and bread pudding. The sticky and sweet bread pudding finishes the meal on a enlivening note, with the Irish coffee doing its part to relax the mind and body.

shamrock1Paddy’s Loft also offers catering, as well as a traditional Irish breakfast everyday after 10:30 a.m. The newest menu additions to the restaurant include small plates, pub grub and a late night menu served until 4 a.m.

Paddy’s Loft is located at 1286 Hicksville Rd. in Massapequa; 516-798-7660;

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