Spoil Your Pet With These Holiday Gifts

One of the most rewarding parts of every holiday season is surprising friends and family members with thoughtful gifts to remind them that they are loved and appreciated. And who’s more deserving of a holiday surprise than the furry family members who shower us with unconditional love and sloppy kisses all year round? That’s right, our pets deserve to be spoiled too, and there are plenty of creative ways to make your pet feel celebrated this season from matching accessories to tasty treats.

Look no further to find some great holiday gifts to stuff your pet’s stocking with this year.

Holiday Pajamas

We all look forward to curling up by the fire in our new holiday jammies—maybe your family even gifts matching pajama sets to each other every year as a tradition. But when you’re buying PJs this holiday season, don’t forget to pick up a pair for your furry friend. You can find adorable patterns, like a checkered polar bear print, at pet stores and department stores everywhere. This set, which can be worn by both dogs and cats, is sold at Target.

$9.99, Target

Holiday Treats

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without all of our favorite home-cooked dishes and desserts. Why not give your pets a break from the same old kibble and cat food? There are plenty of limited edition treats available at your local pet store to surprise the family pet after Christmas dinner, or to use as tasty stocking stuffers. Try the Lazy Dog Cookie Co. $7.99 and up or Frost Bites Holiday Pup-PIE Dog Treat for $7.99, both at www.chewy.com or Target’s Turkey and Sweet Potato Flavored cat treats for $7.49.

Friendship Collar

Publicly display your love for the family dog year-round with this set of matching “friendship collars” from www.friendshipcollar.com. Your pet gets a new collar, you get a new bracelet, and you both get an opportunity to make quite the fashion statement no matter where your afternoon walk takes you. You can pick out a cute holiday-themed set, or browse the variety of colors and patterns available on their site. And the best part? With every sale, Friendship Collar makes a food donation to one of many animal shelters nationwide.

$35, www.chewy.com

iFetch Ball Launcher

The first few tosses are easy, but after a while playing fetch starts to take a toll on your arm while eating up a chunk of your busy day. If you’re looking for an easy way to ensure your canine companion gets the exercise and playtime he needs, iFetch might be the perfect holiday gift. Once plugged in, this automatic ball launcher will send mini tennis balls flying 10-30 feet in the air, keeping your puppy active and occupied while you’re busy cleaning up the post-holiday party clutter.

$95.99, www.chewy.com

Window-Mounted Cat Bed

It’s no secret that cats love sunny spots and precarious perches. If your cat is always teetering on the windowsill, ask Santa to leave one of these window-mounted beds under the tree this year. The suction cups attach securely to any glass window and can support up to 50 lbs. Even if the weather outside is frightful, your cat can still enjoy wintry views of the backyard all day long.

$15.99, www.chewy.com

Hamster Wheel Car

Got a hamster to spoil this season? Consider leaving this Critter Cruiser under the tree. Not only will your hamster enjoy getting some exercise outside of his cage, but the kids will get a kick out of seeing their tiny pet “drive” the fun-sized car all over the house. You can entertain everyone in the family all at once with this adorable gift! You can find the automobile-shaped exercise wheel at Petco.

$14.99, Petco

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Andrea Bilton
Andrea Bilton is a reporter with Anton Media Group.


  1. Enjoy reading your articles. Obviously your extended family includes our canine and feline companions. The holidays are a magical time in NYC, and also where I live in Pennsylvania in Lititz, a town lost in time and history. Plus we are not far from Longwood Gardens and Hershey Park which is seemingly open year-round. And by the way Andrea, you would make an outstanding Elementary Education teacher. I taught 7th grade Social Studies and have recently wrote a book, so I know character and have good judgement. So much fun to be still 13 years old.

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