Signs You Need a New Furnace But Didn’t Notice

Old furnace in a residential basement (Photo by Dwight Sipler via Flickr/CC BY 2.0)

Most homeowners find it challenging to determine whether they need a furnace repair or replacement. One thing is for sure: if your furnace is starting to struggle with maintaining a comfortable temperature, you need to call the pros. If it’s a minor issue, get it fixed right away and save yourself a ton of money before it grows into an unnecessarily expensive problem.

Furnace replacements can be a financial drain. Setting up annual maintenance can help homeowners anticipate when their furnaces may need replacement or major repairs, enabling them to begin financial planning in advance.

How Often Do You Need to Replace a Furnace?

According to Sinclaire Home Services, a furnace repair company in Attleboro, MA, most high-quality furnaces (with proper maintenance) have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. However, neglect and failure to attend to an issue may cause the system to break entirely, calling for replacement before the end of its lifetime.

This is often not an issue for homeowners who bought the furnace for their properties by themselves, as they can easily track its maintenance record. But what if the furnace was inherited from a previous owner? How will you know if it’s time for a replacement, or just a repair?

Signs You Need to Replace Your Furnace

If you’re unsure whether or not you need to replace your furnace, consider these eight signs to help you make a decision.

Age of your Furnace

A furnace that’s older than 10 years has the potential to pose significant problems. If you’ve inherited the furnace from a previous homeowner, it’s possible your system is at the end of its lifespan.

Check its model number, which you should see on the furnace itself, and review the user manual (or go online if the previous owner lost the manual). This should give you more information about your furnace.

And don’t forget—you can always get a pro to look into your system for a quick checkup.

Air is a Bit Dryer

Is the air in your home dry? Your furnace might be the culprit. Most homeowners find home humidity a concern, especially during the winter season if your home has wood flooring.

Uneven Heating in Rooms

Old furnaces struggle with pushing heat evenly throughout the home. If you’ve noticed that rooms are not heated evenly, it may be a sign of a failing furnace.

High Energy Bills

Like most appliances, aged furnaces are often inefficient and will increase the energy costs associated with using them. Once you notice an increase in energy costs, especially during winter while using the furnace, it’s a clear indication that it needs replacement.

You See Yellow Flames

Gas furnaces should have a clear, crisp blue flame as an indication of a healthy and clean system- check the flame by peeking through the cover vents. If you see yellow flames, you might need to clean the burner or the systems heat exchanger. Call in a professional right away to prevent possible issues like carbon monoxide or natural gas leaks.

Hearing Noises Coming from the Furnace

Noise is an indication that something is wrong with your furnace. If you notice a louder-than-usual sound, or you hear buzzing, rattles, or hums, there may be cracks, leaks, or other structural issues in your system that call for replacement.

Frequent Repairs

How many times did you call the contractor within the last two years? If you’ve seen the repair man more than your friends, it’s an obvious sign you need to replace your system.

Safety should always be your first priority. If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned signs with your furnace, call the experts right away to discuss your options. Problems with your furnace can cause serious health issues, particularly carbon monoxide poisoning and the inhalation of particles like dust and dander, which can lead to aggravated allergies and asthma.

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