Saladino Issues Storm Alert For Town Of Oyster Bay

Supervisor Joseph Saladino (center) with members of the town’s snow fighting crew from Public Works and Highway prepare for the storm.

With the National Weather Service forecasting a nor’easter with heavy snow for the region, Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino has laid out a plan to effectively combat this weather event. The town advises residents to exercise caution on our roads during the storm. The town’s Highway Department is pre-treating roadways this evening with sand and salt to help prevent black ice, and snowplows have been readied to begin clearing roadways.

Supervisor Saladino stated, “This will be a dangerous storm. We anticipate that the snowfall will make driving conditions treacherous, and motorists should try to stay off roadways during the storm if at all possible. The Town of Oyster Bay Highway Department will begin pretreating streets to prevent black ice from impacting your commute. Pumps have also been positions in low-lying areas to help mitigate flooding concerns. I thank the dedicated men and women of our snow-fighting crew for their tireless efforts to keep our roads safe and passable.”

Over 125 Town of Oyster Bay employees will be activated throughout the storm – with over 290 pieces of equipment, including plows and spreaders in place. The town has over 9,000 tons of salt and sand on hand. Highway crews have also cleaned and cleared storm drains in flood prone areas so that maximum water drainage can be reached.

Councilman Anthony Macagnone added, “This administration is working to make snow removal operations the best they have ever been. We get it done right in the Town of Oyster Bay because of our highly trained workforce of experienced professionals motivated to protect our residents and maintain the safety of our communities.”

Residents are asked to move their cars off the streets Tuesday evening and into driveways until roadways have been cleared. This allows for the most thorough and efficient snow removal. On behalf of volunteer fire departments, residents are asked to shovel around fire hydrants. When snow blowing, residents are asked to angle snow chutes onto the yard rather than the street.

Homeowners should plan for the possibility of power outages as heavy snow results in downed branches and trees which can knock out power lines.

To report downed trees or stranded cars during the storm, please call Public Safety at 516-677-5350. With the loss of power comes the use of generators. Residents are reminded that generators should never be run inside the home or garage due to the dangers of carbon monoxide. Generators used in enclosed spaces can lead to death.

To report a power outage or electrical emergency, residents may contact PSEG Long Island at 1-800-490-0075.

The Town of Oyster Bay has updated its dialysis/medical emergency list, which has been distributed to the staff to take into consideration and will be treated as a priority when clearing roadways. With snow, comes the use of snow blowers. Elderly residents and those with heart conditions are reminded to let someone else handle snow removal and not to become a victim of the storm.

The Town of Oyster Bay Department of Public Safety is monitoring the storm and is in contact with the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center. Residents can stay alert for weather forecasts and messages from the town. Residents may also signup for Emergency Notifications at

Residents should keep on-hand an Emergency Go-Kit for their family.  Among other things, this kit should include medications, a first aid kit, warm clothing, flash light with extra batteries, a portable radio and water and dry food.

For those without shelter, the Department of Social Services has activated its Winter Sheltering Program – known as WARMBED – at (516-227-8519 (during daytime hours).  Between the hours of 6  p.m. and 8  a.m. residents should dial the WARMBED Hotline at 1-866-927-6233.

If residents are out of home heating fuel or in need of an emergency burner repair, please call the Department of Social Services Home Energy Assistance Program at 516-227-7605 between 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. to find out if you qualify for the HEAP program.


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