Rules For Regifting

regifting_aYes, it is being said. There are rules for regifting and whether you admit it or not, it is extremely resourceful to do so—but there are tactful ways to do it and not so tactful ways, too. Regifting, giving a gift that you received to another person, has been happening for centuries, but there are some simple etiquette rules that should be followed.

To Regift

The best gifts for regifting are gifts that you really believe are best suited for a specific person. There are times when the person to whom you are regifting will get enjoyment out of something that doesn’t suit your taste. Don’t regift just to get rid of the gift. Just because you don’t want the gift doesn’t mean the person you are giving it to does either. Personalize the new and unopened regift. Rewrap it, and definitely change the gift card that it originally came with.

Not To Regift

Use common sense. Never regift a Christmas candle in the middle of the summer. Do not give anything monogrammed to your neighbor, unless by odd chance they have the same initials as you do. Do not regift handmade items or free promotional items like the tote bag from the perfume counter. Make sure your giftee is not related to the person who originally gave the gift to you.

Do not discuss that your gift is recycled. It might be true, but you should not tell someone it is a regift. Do not feel bad about regifting. There is a slight workaround for this, though. If you are regifting something seriously expensive, you might want to tell the giftee so they do not feel obligated to gift you back with something equally expensive.

Host A Regifting Party

An idea mentioned on suggests hosting a sort of White Elephant Party, when people gather together for the purpose of exchanging essentially impractical items. This is a great way to regift without guilt. Just be sure that the original gift giver will not be in attendance.

Here’s how it goes:

Each guest brings one wrapped regift.

All guests draw a number.

The regifter with the lowest number chooses a wrapped regift and opens it for everyone to see.

The person with the next lowest number can either take the opened regift or select a “new” wrapped regift. If they choose a “new” regift, they must open it for all to see.
Each subsequent person is allowed to either unwrap a “new” regift or take any of the regifts already opened.

If a regift is taken from someone, that person gets to immediately choose another “new” gift to open or they can get revenge by stealing someone else’s gift.

Finally, when all the gifts have been opened, the person with the lowest number gets to trade with anyone or keep the regularly rejected regift they ended up with. On the off chance that you don’t love what you end up with, donate it to charity.

So, maybe it is the gift that keeps on giving, or it’s something you have a duplicate of—either way, make sure to thank the person who gave it to you with sincerity. If you cannot bring yourself to regift, some choose to donate their unwanted gifts to charity or sell them in an online auction. Gift thoughtfully.

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Christy Hinko
Christy Hinko is the editor of Glen Cove Record Pilot.

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