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Lots of games to choose from at Dave & Buster’s

Enhance your gaming experience at Dave & Buster’s. Whether you are there for the big football or basketball game or just want to unleash your inner kid, check out these games and activities available at the Westbury Dave & Buster’s.

And remember, ticket games, also known as redemption games, can be cashed in for prizes in the winners circle.


Become the Kingpin of Dave & Buster’s when you experience their unique bowling alley. D&B Lanes is an over-the-top bowling experience highlighted by a multimedia show. Enjoy a video wall showing all of the latest music videos, a full-menu service and blacklight bowling.


Pick out a pool cue and play on one of six handcrafted mahogany and rosewood-railed tables. While 8-ball is the most popular game, it does have many regional and international rule variations like slop shots (the unintentional pocketing of billiard balls), fouls and whether a player can win the game instantly by sinking the 8-ball on the break. Brush up on your billiard skills and shoot some 8-ball with friends.


Everyone loves the challenge to see if they are a good shot or not. Train for your career in the NBA with a friend as you shoot hoops side by side in Super Shot. With enhanced backboard lighting, easy-to-read time and score displays along with the excitement of a moving target, Super Shot is the standard in arcade basketball.

Air Hockey

Everyone knows air hockey is the best game at a place like Dave & Buster’s. Even the sports inept can score at air hockey with fast enough reflexes. And watching that plastic puck glide across the surface is oh so satisfying.


You can’t go to Dave & Buster’s without letting loose in the game room. Whether it’s classics like Pac-Man and Skee-Ball or the newest in trivia and games in the Million Dollar Midway, everyone in the group will have a blast.

VR Simulation

Virtual Reality has come to Dave & Buster’s in the form of Jurassic Park with the Jurassic World VR Expedition. Immerse yourself in a new world of gaming, where dinosaurs come to life and chaos hits Jurassic World. In virtual reality, you’ll roll alongside raptors, battle a T-Rex, and experience 360-degree vision and sound while interacting with everything you see. State-of-the-art graphics and breathtaking scenes make this game a must-try.

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