Playtime And Pampering For Those With Paws At Luxury Hotel


Dogs can now enjoy a vacation of their own at K-9 Resorts

pethotel_121416dWhen booking a vacation, many people would love to take all of their family members along, including those with paws. But there are places few and far between that allow dogs on vacation. But now, pet owners can be happy knowing that their four-legged family member is having just as great a time as they are.

K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel, is an award-winning, number one rated pet care facility. The high-end hotel for dogs is planning a big expansion into Long Island after finding success in its home state of New Jersey. And dogs and their owners are in for a real treat.

pethotel_121416bFounded in 2005 by brothers Steven and Jason Parker in Fanwood, NJ, the duo decided to take matters into their own hands after being denied a dog of their own by their parents. In their early teens, the entrepreneurial Parkers opened a professional pet-sitting business to prove they were not only willing, but ready to care for a dog. After selling their highly profitable business, the Parkers used that revenue for their blooming K-9 Resorts business and franchised in 2011.

“We are a full-service resort for dogs. We have dogs that board with us 24/7 and they are constantly supervised, monitored and kept busy throughout the day,” said Jason Parker, co-owner of K-9 Resorts. “Our overnight boarders participate in doggy daycare as an optional group play environment for social dogs to play together and exercise, for which they are pre-screened for compatibility.”

Jason went on to describe the resort and how, aside from its guests, is no different than a normal hotel.

“We have indoor swimming pools and dogs who stay overnight have their own private room decorated with pictures, flowers and teddy bears,” said Jason of the accommodations. “Our luxury suites have TVs. We’re the Ritz Carlton for dogs.”

pethotel_121416aK-9 Resorts does not offer grooming; however, there is a package for a premium dog bath with special shampoo imported from France for your pooch, as well as a blow dry and brush out.

K-9 Resorts likes to hire pet lovers to manage the facility and take care of the dogs and any pooch at any age can check in as long as they have all of their shots up to date, including canine influenza, Bordetella (kennel cough) and rabies.

As for their schedule during their stay, pooches are kept quite busy. Parker said that dogs are fed in the morning and early evening. Wake up calls begin at 6:15 a.m. with a morning walk for exercise as a kennel tech cleans their rooms. Dogs return to their chambers and are breakfast with a special house diet. After the dogs digest, at 8 a.m. their day’s activities commence.

“The daycares have direct access to the outside that goes to a grassy courtyard designed with canine grass, which is an artificial turf,” Jason said of the grounds. “There are also jungle gyms outside. Around 6:30 p.m., the dogs are brought back to their rooms and given dinner. They go for a last walk and then are indoors for the night.”

The facility is monitored overnight by camera systems, and all schedules and special requests can be made ahead of time by the client including menu add-ons and additional meals.

“We’re constantly with the dogs, that’s how we separate ourselves from other daycares. There’s at least two staff members with the dogs at all times,” said Jason, adding that K-9 Resorts provides one-on-one attention to keep dogs stimulated throughout the day.
With facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the franchise is currently developing in North Carolina, with talks of expanding into California, Texas, Connecticut and of course,
New York.

Doggy daycare ranges from $23 to $35 a day, with $35 being the daily bundle package to reduce price. Overnight care is $50 to $80 per day at an all-inclusive rate for daycare, activity, overnight boarding and playtime.

“If you’re a pet owner looking for the best possible care, an immaculately clean facility and only the top of the line cage-free accommodations, you should look into booking your dog with us,” said Jason.

To learn more about K-9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel, visit the company’s website

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