Must-Have Tools For Summer Gardening Success


best gardening tools

Gardening has a reputation of being a strenuous activity that kills your back. With the right tools however, it can turn from a back-breaking chore to a rewarding time spent outdoors. These useful tools will help you practice efficient and fruitful gardening techniques.

Hand Pruner

A hand pruner is best used to cut branches ¾ of an inch or less. It can also be used to cut back large clumps of perennials, cutting larger flowers and scoring and slicing root balls before planting. Available from A.M. Leonard for $34.99.

Japanese Gardeners Knife

This tool is a favorite of many professionals and can be used in many different ways effectively. Instead of a trowel, a Japanese Gardeners knife can be used to dig, plant bulbs and to remove weeds. The saw blade cuts roots and divides small perennials. The pointed end of the tool is a crevice tool. This Japanese Gardeners Knife (hori-hori) is available from Lee Valley for $27.50.

Wilcox Stainless Steel Garden Trowel

This trowel is most desired at 14 inches, but is also available in nine-, 10- and 12-inch models. Each item is backed by a lifetime warranty. The longevity of the trowel is attributed to its single-piece construction, which leaves no joints to break or rust. The trowel could even be used in place of a soil knife, while still retaining its skills for digging intensive jobs. Available on Amazon for $18.90.

Firm Grip Grain Pigskin Large Gloves

The importance of hand protection cannot be forgotten when gardening, and these gloves are a great purchase for anyone from a beginning gardener to an expert. The pigskin allows for the gloves to be naturally durable and breathable. These gloves withstand moisture without stiffening and are puncture-proof. Available at Home Depot for $10.98.

Razorback 24-Tine Steel Rake

Especially efficient for those who live in a wooded area, this rake is designed for comfort and performance. More than just being able to clean up leaves, the 24 steel tines connect to a special head that is designed to keep the spines from coming loose. The rake’s flexible coil spring enables a smooth raking action and the 9″ cushioned grip will ensure your hands don’t cramp up. Available at Home Depot for $21.98.

Gauge Round Point Shovel

Experts insist that this shovel will be the last shovel gardeners will ever need to buy. It’s durable, versatile and effective enough for most if not all uses. This type of shovel stands up to heavier uses such as moving large boulders, removing tree stumps and digging deep trenches. Available on Amazon for $28.65.

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