Making An Entrance Warm And Welcoming


By Julia Goldner-Reyes

When you get a friendly smile, a warm greeting or a caring hug from a friend, you know that you are welcome. The entrance to a house is the first greeting, a hello. Is it welcoming? Is it inviting? Does it express your mood or style? It’s the first impression your guests and visitors get and it should set the right tone and foreshadow your home’s style.

The good news is that you don’t have to replace your door or build a new portico to improve the look of the entrance unless it is rotting and falling apart. In most cases a minor masonry repair, some carpentry work, new coat of paint and a couple of accessories can improve it tremendously.

First, lead people to your door. Create a clear pathway from the street or the driveway to the entryway.

Take a good look at the entrance of your house. Are there overgrown shrubs covering it and obstructing the view? Give them a nice cut and prune.

Is it cluttered? Are there cracked flowerpots with weeds growing out of them? Tangled water hose? A snow shovel in June? Clean it up.

Lighting is another very important element to make a welcoming entry. Safety is important, you don’t want your guests tripping in the dark and breaking bones after enjoying a couple of glasses of wine at your party. Also, you want to make sure that the entry is well lit so some shady characters don’t feel like they can hide in the dark.

The Normandy Lantern from Frontgate adds a little light to your entryway ($119 – $169) (Photo source: Frontgate)

Lighting sets the mood and casts a soft glow to create a friendly atmosphere. There are many options of lighting fixtures available in different styles and finishes, pendants, lanterns and sconces. Make sure to choose a fixture that coordinates well with the architecture of your house.

Now, the fun stuff. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. It doesn’t mean that you should paint the entrance door bright pink, but use rich, glossy jewel tones like dark blue, green, burgundy or black. Again, the color you choose should coordinate with other exterior and interior colors.

The door hardware, entryway handle and door knockers are important and functional accents which make a statement and give your entrance a visual appeal. They are the finishing touch and will make the entryway pop. The hardware is available in different styles and finishes and your choice should be consistent with the interior hardware and the style of your home. Just make sure your doorbell is working.

Spring is coming soon, so let’s spruce up our entryways and welcome it to our homes.

Julia Goldner-Reyes is an interior designer for GR Design and Reyes Brother Remodeling LLC of Port Washington, a full-service residential remodeling and interior design company in Port Washington. Visit or call 516-458-1551.

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