Keep Your Car Cool This Summer


Summer is here and so is the scorching heat, high humidity, heavy rain and stop-and-go traffic. Summer can take a toll on your vehicle and it is important to know your limits. Allstate suggests taking a few preventative measures to keep your car rollin’ down the road instead of being stranded beside it.

“Safety should be a priority when in the car,” said Jaclyn Darrohn, Allstate spokesperson for New York. “It’s essential for people to know how important it is to prepare your car for the summer.”

Here are five tips to keep your car cool this summer:

1 Check Your Cooling System

One of the greatest causes of summer breakdowns is overheating. Overheating can be serious and may result in permanent engine damage. Be sure to check the coolant level. If low, add antifreeze as necessary.

2 Belts and Hoses

Summer’s heat and humidity will worsen the condition of deteriorating belts and hoses. Hose or belt failure can result in a breakdown. Inspect belts and hoses for excessive cracks, frays, leakage or swelling.

3 Engine Performance

Be sure to check your gas cap. This is a critical component of your vehicle’s emission control system. If it is not airtight, it could lead to triggering your vehicle’s “check engine” or “emission service” light on your dashboard.

4 Tires

If you used winter tires, now is the time to change to your summer tires. Have your tires rotated at 5,000 mile intervals or as recommended in your owner’s manual. Summer heat also causes the air in your tires to expand. Occasionally check your tire pressure while the tires are cold and adjust accordingly. Be sure to check spare tires as well.

5 Brakes

Hot weather can increase the temperature of your braking system, causing brake pads to wear more quickly. If brake pads wear through, it can lead to sever rotor damage.

—Submitted by Allstate

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