Journey To Paradisios


Macy’s launches 45th annual flower show

Macyís unveils its 45th Annual Flower Show at Macy’s in Herald Square. (Photos by Diane Bondareff)

Macy’s Herald Square has been turned into a garden once again. The 45th annual two-week-long flower show returns, this time called Journey To Paradisios, which celebrates the arrival of spring with discovery, color and wonder.

The opening revealed spectacular floral designs made up of more than 5,000 types of plants, trees, and flowers that transported visitors into a multidimensional world of space and adventure through flora and eccentrically landscaped gardens blasting off into the wonder and mystery of the planet Paradisios.

The theme brings to life the cosmic tale of Space Flight Director Lucy Ryder and her discovery of the planet Paradisios, a pristine exoplanet untouched by human technology and filled with resplendent plant life. Ryder and R.H. Macy IV, (a pilot-turned-cosmonaut, and the great-great-great grandson of Macy’s founder) set out on the adventure of a lifetime as they discover the planet’s extraterrestrial beings and fantastic flora.

Throughout opening day, guests were invited to explore a host of themed in-store events and observed seven fashion pods throughout the main floor featuring looks designed by FIT students who were challenged to create original designs inspired by the Journey to Paradisios theme. Visitors walked through several intergalactic creations featuring a space ship launching into outer space through the roof into a star-filled night sky and colorful inhabitants, floating cities, alien technology, and whimsical plant life of planet Paradisios.

The two-week show is in full bloom until Sunday, April 7.

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