Jaguar Freeport Rolls Out First Electric Model


As technology continues to advance, we are seeing more environment-friendly cars being offered as reliable vehicular options. At Jaguar Freeport, the brand new 2019 Jaguar I-PACE, their first all-electric car, hit their showroom floor after it was named the 2018 Car of the Year by the Auto Express New Car Awards.

“It’s extremely swift,” said general manager Tony Anton. “The battery is down in the floorboard of the car so its center of gravity is extremely low, making the car just feel about as stable as an automobile can possibly feel.”

Until this point, Tesla has been the only company producing all-electric cars to this point. Jaguar adds competition to a market that had been dominated by one brand until now.
“Everyone that I’ve talked to has said that this car is ‘gorgeous’ compared to a Tesla,” said Anton.

Tony Anton

As for some specs of the I-PACE, The car is built with a 395 HP motor. It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds. The 90 kWh battery is built to last for long stretches of time. Charging the car battery takes only about 85 minutes to get to 80 percent, depending on the weather.

Anton has been working with Jaguar for 36 years. After many years at the Great Neck dealership, he moved to the new Jaguar Freeport in 2017. As the I-PACE goes on sale this fall, he is proud to represent the company, introduce this innovative vehicle, and be in charge of the young lot.

“This is a brand new, 35,000-square-foot spectacular dealership,” said Anton. “We offer pickup and delivery for service. Three of our technicians each have over three decades of Jaguar experience. And we are the only Jaguar dealership that is independently owned on the island.”

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