Hi-Ho: Reverse Muppet Cameos


Whether it’s Jack Black, Steve Martin or Tina Fey, we’re used to celebrities making cameos in the many Muppet movies and especially on The Muppet Show from 1975—but sometimes the Muppets flip the script, with walk-ons in more human-centered story lines.

Here are a few of the top Muppet guest appearances.

Kermit Goes Shopping

Kermit in Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

The forgettable 2007 flick Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium begins with a memorable appearance by Kermit the Frog. Towards the opening of the film, Kermit appears as a customer at the Wonder Emporium toy store. He reacts to fellow shoppers who are somewhat shocked and excited to see the famous frog browsing in the toy store.

Rowlf’s Vocal Range

Piano-playing dog Rowlf joined singer-songwriter John Denver to sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in the 1979 TV special A Christmas Together. Rowlf also appeared with other Muppets on The Merv Griffin Show in 1983, performing his gruff renditions of “Down Memory Lane” and “You and I and George” at the piano.

Breakfast With The Swedish Chef

As the Swedish Chef would say, “bork, bork, bork.” The preparer of all the Muppets’ meals, the Swedish Chef went national in 1988 with a commercial for his very own Croonchy Stars breakfast cereal. The TV spot took place in the usual Muppet Test Kitchen and featured the indecipherable chef preparing the essential part of any balanced breakfast.

The Iconic Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is perhaps the most prolific of the Muppets, performing with numerous top-level talents including the Jonas Brothers, Ashley Tisdale and Robbie Williams, while appearing on televisions shows like Chelsea Lately, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and WWE Raw. She also penned an essay for Time titled “Why I Am A Feminist Pig.”

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