Finding Blessings In A Pandemic

We have all been taken by surprise with the radical change in our lives over the past few weeks. We have gone from living our daily routine to a life of almost total seclusion because of something we have absolutely no control over and is not terror or war related. It appears that COVID-19, a potentially deadly world-wide virus, has changed our lives for the worse.

I truly believe there is always a positive light in every negative darkness. As I watched the news and heard about the educational and retail establishments being shut down to force social distancing, I thought about 10 positive things that are a result of this virus:

• It can bring households together. Since we are to practice social distancing in public the best place to be is inside our homes. Spend time with the members of our household talking, praying, watching movies and playing games together.

• It is an opportunity to catch up on reading. Locate books and DVDs of interest that you put aside until “You had more time.”

• You can Call Someone. Fortunately, social distancing does not include telephone, text o Facetime. Contact someone you have not spoken to in a while, someone who lives alone or, a senior to check on them. You now have time to do that. If you know someone in quarantine, take dinner or groceries and leave them on the doorstep.

• Make a procrastination list. Projects and jobs you never seem to have time to do can be done during this time. Put together a list and check them off one by one.

• Begin an exercise regimen. This excludes public places but, you can certainly put time aside for a daily walk or find some exercise shows on television that you can follow.

• Begin writing. To my fellow writers and authors, this is a perfect time to begin writing that manuscript you keep putting off.

• Start spring cleaning. Spring is here and this disruption comes just in time to begin the cleaning and declutter process.

• Begin a new project. If none of the above suggestions apply to you, think about something you would like to do and then make a plan to do it.

• Get some rest. If you are one of those Type A personality personalities, take this time to get some rest and regroup. Once this season of isolation is over you will be ready to get back in the race.

• Prayer and meditation time. Last, but certainly not least, take time for meditation and reflection. Everything in life happens for a reason and we should all take time to reflect and ask for divine guidance to see what lesson we must learn individually in this season.

I hope these suggestions will brighten your day a bit and help you find positivity during this time. This is the perfect time to brighten someone else’s day (and subsequently yours). Let’s do what we can to improve a dismal situation.

Linda Williams
Linda J. Williams, M.Ed. is a certified etiquette consultant.

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