Fast Food Fowl

When it comes to fast-food fried chicken, two chains reign supreme on Long Island: KFC and Popeyes. Both franchises have strengths and, undoubtedly, weaknesses. And while they will never beat fried chicken from homegrown establishments, they do have a place in our lives—mainly when you find yourself with that unmistakable fried light-night crave.


Sidebar KFCColonel Sanders’ gave a world hungry for choice the options of Original Recipe and Extra Crispy. Grilled chicken came along offering a “healthier” choice, but that was quickly overshadowed by fast food Angel of Death, the Double Down.

Recently, KFC stepped up its game and debuted Nashville Hot Chicken. It features a blend of spicy cayenne and smoked paprika. It might not satisfy Nashville purists, but it’s a fine upgrade from the Colonel’s usual dregs.


popeyes-BoxOfChicken copyPopeyes brought “Louisiana Fast” to tables north of the Mason Dixon line. It became wildly popular for it’s spicy variation on the classic fried chicken recipe and offers a crispier skin than the Colonel’s bird. The crust on Popeyes chicken is robust, crisp, salty and crunchy like potato chips on steroids.

Popeyes has had it’s fair share of novelty menu items in the past, with waffle-batter chicken fingers and ghost pepper wings coming and going in a flash fry.

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Steve Mosco
Steve Mosco, the former editor-in-chief at Anton Media Group, is a columnist for Long Island Weekly's food and sports sections. He fancies himself a tastemaker, food influencer and king of all eaters.

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