Enchanted Fairy Gardens


Give your garden the magic touch with some fairy dust this spring

Gardening by way of digging in the dirt, planting a flower and watering it seem to be the days of times past, as growing a garden has become more than a hobby, but a designer’s way of life. Those with green thumbs have begun seeing the garden as another space in their home. As such, they are taking great care to not only to plant lovely blooms and produce, but how to decorate it as well. And so, the fairy garden was born.

If You Build It, They May Come

Constructing a fairy village requires everything from homes, cottages, furniture and décor to trees, flowers, ponds, swings, gnomes, and of course, fairies. These items and dozens more are used to evoke another world for the creatures who live beneath the flowers and leaves. Some people believe the legend that fairies return home to live in the gardens during night time and that they cast upon the garden magic spells, blessing the plant life with healthy growth and abundance in seeds and fruits.

Time To Go House Hunting

While there are hundreds of pieces and imaginative ways to build a village, there are two kinds of fairy gardens that people like to create: One is based in an object like terracotta pots or a small wagon. The other takes over the entire garden, using the total area space as the foundation. Some people even go so far as to theme their gardens to a holiday or color.

Ready, Set, Decorate

Items can become a little pricey, depending on how intense and dedicated the gardener is. A range of $3.99 to more than $40 is a decent price range of items from various stores. With most of the items measuring less than 12 inches, you can get creative by utilizing Barbie and other doll and toy accessories, or get crafty and make your own.

Create a fairy world in your garden this spring with the kids, and watch the magic unfold.

Want to start building your garden?

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