Did You Forget About Halloween?

Lumberjack costume from makeit-loveit.com
Lumberjack costume from makeit-loveit.com

Halloween is right around the corner, so do you a have a costume? Some people forget all about the ghostly holiday and scramble to put together a last minute costume. Here are some-last minute DIY costume ideas.

Little Lumberjack

Children can be lumberjacks too. Put them in a red flannel shirt with a pair of jeans, and maybe even some suspenders. A beanie will add to the look as well as a fake beard. You can either create a beard with makeup or buy one. An ax can be made out of a paper towel roll and cardboard cut-out in the shape of the end of an ax. Plastic axes can be found at party shops as well.

Linda and Bob Belcher

Bobbelcher2LindabGrab a friend or your significant other and some clothes you can find around the house. You can dress as the cartoon couple from the television show Bob’s Burgers. For Linda, all you need is a red long-sleeve shirt, a pair of jeans and some red cat eye glasses. Dressing as Bob may prove to be even simpler. Pull on gray sweatpants, a white t-shirt, an apron and a stick-on mustache. Drawing long hairs on your arm in marker is optional.

whereswaldoWhere’s Waldo?

Men and women can partake in this iconic character costume. Throw on a red and white striped long-sleeve shirt, a pair of jeans, black-rimmed circular glasses and the signature red and white striped hat. Now, no one will be able to find you.

costume_aHolly Golightly

Take all of your friends to Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the day as you turn into Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly. Find a fitted black dress, with or without sequins depending on your mood. Long black gloves that come up to your elbow will pair well with either type of dress. Find a short, chunky necklace with large pearls and a pair of black high-heel shoes. Put your hair up in a large bun and top off the Golightly look with a small tiara.

costume_dClark Kent

Channel your inner Superman with a Superman emblem T-shirt underneath a suit. Wear a white dress shirt with a black jacket, pants and tie. Be sure to leave your dress shirt open to show the Superman emblem, and leave your tie slightly askew as though you are just getting ready to fly off to save Metropolis. Don’t forget the thick, black-rimmed glasses.

costume_eBaby Minion

You don’t need much to turn your baby into one of Gru’s minions. All you need is a yellow onesie, a pair of overalls, a yellow beanie with three short black strings attached to the very top. You can get the goggles at a party store or create them with felt. Just cut gray felt into the shape of the number eight or a single hollowed out circle, and attach a stretchy black fabric to either side to fit around the baby’s head. Your baby is ready to obsess over bananas.

Christina Claus
Christina Claus is the former editor of Port Washington News.

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