Curran Takes Executive Office, Dems Make History

Laura Curran wins the race for County Exec.

After a hotly contested campaign, Lauren Curran defeated Jack Martins in the race for Nassau County Executive—making the former legislator the first female county executive in Nassau’s history.

Curran, Democrat from Baldwin, bested the Republican Martins by a tally of 51 percent (147,102 votes) to 48 percent (139,204 votes). Green Party candidate Cassandra Lems netted 1 percent of the vote (1,975 votes).

Laura A Gillen

Meanwhile, in what some call an even more improbable victory, Democrat Laura Gillen defeated incumbent Republican Anthony Santino to become the first Town of Hempstead Supervisor from the Democratic Party in the town’s history. Gillen defeated Santino by a tally of 51 percent (80,214 votes) to 49 percent (77,946 votes).

County residents also overwhelmingly voted against the Constitutional Convention.

—Steve Mosco

Election Results

County Executive

Laura Curran (D) – 51 percent (147,102 votes)
Jack Martins (R) – 48 percent (139,204 votes)
Cassandra Lems (G) – 1 percent (1,975 votes)

County Comptroller

Jack Schnirman (D) – 50 percent (138,716 votes)
Steven Labriola (R) – 49 percent (134,561 votes)
Laurence Hirsh (G) – 1 percent (3,052 votes)

County Clerk

Maureen O’Connell (R) – 54 percent (149,946 votes)
Dean Bennett (D) – 46 percent (126,008 votes)

Town of Hempstead Supervisor

Laura Gillen (D) – 51 percent (80,214 votes)
Anthony Santino (R) – 49 percent (77,946 votes)

Town of North Hempstead Supervisor

Judi Bosworth (D) – 64 percent (25,011 votes)
Stephen Nasta (R) – 36 percent (13,786 votes)

Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor

Joseph Saladino (R) – 52 percent (36,362 votes)
Marc Herman (D) – 42 percent (29,487 votes)
Robert Ripp (EC) – 3 percent (1,981 votes)
John Mangelli (REF) – 2 percent (1,651 votes)
Jonathan Clarke (PG) – 1 percent (498 votes)

Town of Hempstead Town Clerk 

Sylvia A. Cabana (D, WFP, WEP) – 51 percent (77,373 votes)
Nasrin G. Ahmad (R, CON, IND, REF) – 49 percent (74,953 votes)

Town of North Hempstead Town Clerk 

Wayne H. Wink, Jr. (D, WFP, IND, WEP)- 61 percent (24,943 votes)
David P. Redmond (R, CON, REF) – 39 percent (16,076 votes)

County Legislator 1st District

Kevan M. Abrahams (D, WFP, WEP, REF) – 88 percent (9,315 votes)
Charlene J. Thompson (R, CON) – 12 percent (1,316 votes)

County Legislator 2nd District

Siela A. Bynoe (D, WFP, IND, WEP, REF) – 87 percent (6,744 votes)
James Lamarre (R, CON) – 13 percent (1,030 votes)

County Legislator 3rd District

Carrie Solages (D, WFP, IND, REF) – 73 percent (8,616 votes)
Paul A. Sapienza (R, CON) – 27 percent (3,185 votes)

County Legislator 4th District

Denise A. Ford (D, WFP, WEP) – 61 percent (9,102 votes)
Jane S. Fisher (R, CON, IND, REF) – 38 percent (5,686 votes)

County Legislator 5th District

Debra S. Mule (D, WFP, IND, WEP) – 67 percent (8,994 votes)
Kathleen A. Spatz (R, CON)- 33 percent (4,377 votes)

County Legislator 6th District

C. William Gaylor (R, CON, IND, REF) – 54 percent (8,455 votes)
Dino G. Amoroso (D, WFP, WEP) – 45 percent (7,071 votes)

County Legislator 7th District

Howard J. Kopel (R, CON, IND, REF) – 57 percent (8,717 votes)
Karen M. Blitz (D, WFP, WEP) – 44 percent (6,684 votes)

County Legislator 8th District

Vincent T. Muscarella (R, CON, IND, REF) – 66 percent (9,890 votes)
Carl R. Gerrato (D, WFP, WEP) – 34 percent (5,017 votes)

County Legislator 9th District

Richard J. Nicolello (R, CON, IND, REF)- 63 percent (9,398 votes)
Mal S. Nathan (D, WFP, WEP) – 37 percent (5,526 votes)

County Legislator 10th District

Ellen W. Birnbaum (D, WFP, IND, WEP) – 65 percent (7,467 votes)
David A. Adhami (R, CON) – 35 percent (3,975 votes)

County Legislator 11th District

Delia M. DeRiggi Whitton (D, WFP, IND, WEP) – 69 percent (9,975 votes)
Zefy Christopoulos (R) – 31 percent (4,474 votes)

County Legislator 12th District

James D. Kennedy (R, CON, IND) – 66 percent (12,745 votes)
Alexander T. Melton (D, WFP, WEP, REF) – 34 percent (6,474 votes)

County Legislator 13th District

Thomas McKevitt (R, CON) – 53 percent (9,798 votes)
Eileen M. Napolitano (D, WFP, IND, WEP, REF) – 47 percent (8,690 votes)

County Legislator 14th District

Laura M. Schaefer (R, CON, IND, REF) – 66 percent (9,843 votes)
Robert C. Pena (D, WFP, WEP) – 34 percent (4,993 votes)

County Legislator 15th District

John R. Ferretti, II (R, CON, IND, REF) – 61 percent (9,432 votes)
Michael J. Sheridan (D, WFP, WEP) – 39 percent (6,060 votes)

County Legislator 16th District

Arnold W. Drucker (D, WFP, WEP) – 62 percent (9,392 votes)
Angel Cepeda (R, CON, REF) – 38 percent (5,784 votes)

County Legislator 17th District

Rose Marie Walker (R, CON, IND, REF) – 67 percent (10,843 votes)
Ramandeep S. Arora (D, WFP, WEP) – 33 percent (5,398 votes)

County Legislator 18th District

Joshua Alexander Lafazan (D, WFP, IND, WEP, REF) – 56 percent (8,076 votes)
Donald N. MacKenzie (R, CON) – 44 percent (6,358 votes)

County Legislator 19th District

Steven D. Rhoads (R, CON, IND, REF) – 56 percent (10,610 votes)
Jeffrey B. Gold (D, WFP, WEP) – 44 percent (8,237 votes)

Mayor City of Glen Cove

Reginald A. Spinello (R, CON, IND, REF) – 50.17 percent (2,651 votes)
Timothy J. Tenke (D, WFP, WEP) – 49.77 percent (2,630 votes)


Proposition 1 – calls for a Constitutional Convention to explore proposals for changes to the state constitution.

NO – 83 percent (2,704,143 votes)
YES – 17 percent (544,889 votes)

Proposition 2 – allows judges to reduce or revoke the state pension of a public officer convicted of a felony related to his or her duties.

YES – 70 percent (188,329 votes)
NO – 30 percent (80,414 votes)

Proposition 3 – creates a 250-acre land bank, which allows local governments to request forest preserve land for projects in exchange for the state acquiring 250 acres for the forest preserves.

NO – 55 percent (144,228 votes)
YES – 45 percent (118,940 votes)

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