Choosing The Perfect Colors For Interior Decorating

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A color palette tool you will need when choosing the perfect colors for interior decorating. (Photo source: Pixabay)

It might seem difficult to believe, but for a great majority of people choosing the perfect colors for interior decorating is far from an easy job. Why is it so? Most often because we are all well aware of how colors influence our mood, the warmth, and liveliness of our homes, and, finally, the overall atmosphere. For someone unknowledgeable of the secrets of color combining, achieving stylish and effective yet cozy interior is mission impossible. Hence, we have decided to share some useful tips that will help you introduce some positive changes in this filed and improve your sweet homes. Remember that paint can always breathe new life into your space and, more importantly, it does not cost the earth.

Make a selection of the colors you like

Firstly, choose the colors you like and you want to experiment with. Do not even try to explore and compare all the available options because this approach guarantees disappointment only. The number of potential combinations is so immense that you will soon lose the initial excitement and joy due to the upcoming decorating adventure. Instead, limit the color palette you want to use to just three colors. Then, you can continue searching for the best way to combine and use them.

A brush and a bucket of white paint.
Choose the colors you like for your interiors. (Photo source: Pixabay)

Finding a source of inspiration may help

Whether you want to invest a considerable amount of money or you prefer home improvements on a tight budget, finding a source of inspiration is always helpful. Options at your disposal are ample thanks to the countless magazines, catalogs and websites dealing with the topic of home decor. If you have no specific vision on your mind, going through somebody else’s choices and ideas may steer you toward the right direction given your surroundings.

Rules to know when choosing the perfect colors for interior decorating

To be able to choose the perfect colors for interior decorating you will have to get introduced to some of the basic rules. Studying and then applying them will eventually result in an outstanding space you will enjoy and boast of.

A gray couch in a living room with some colorful pillows.
You need to know the rules on how to combine the perfect colors for your interior. (Photo source: Pixabay)

Do the numbers 60-30-10 ring a bell?

The rule 60-30-10 embodies the right strategy whatever you need to decorate, your precious homes included. These numbers represent the ideal percentage of dominant, secondary and accent colors in your interiors. Engaging this rule will create a visual balance and make your interior neither too dull nor too aggressive.

Dominant colors should be neutral and used for the walls. These will depend on the room you want to decorate. In the case of decorating a living room or kitchen, warm colors are the best choice. Various shades of red, yellow or orange are our suggestion. Of course, if you want to achieve a classy coastal decor and you prefer cool tones, blue, green or gray will be just perfect.

Secondary colors are those you choose for your upholstered furniture. They should be a bit brighter to make the interior livelier and more effective. While there are those who are willing to risk and select very bold colors, we suggest you think twice. You may get extraordinary results and an eye-catching, from-a-magazine-like interior. However, you could also fail and go through a total fiasco. Is it worth risking? You decide!

Accent colors give the final touch to your interior space. Here you can experiment as much as you want since these are the colors you use for your accessories. Stylish pillows, coasters, vases and rugs will give your space uniqueness and a highly personal tone.

Two bright red pillows and a black and red one in the middle, all on a white sofa.
Accessories in accent colors will give your space the final touch. (Photo source: Pixabay)

Vertical gradation regardless of the color scheme

Once you have chosen the perfect colorsfor your interior decor, do not forget about vertical gradation. Namely, it is essential to grade the colors from dark to light tones while going vertically. So, when exploring flooring and making decisions on that, opt for darker tones. Medium tones are appropriate for walls and ceilings should be in light tones without exception. If you give this strategy a thought and you look through your window, it will take seconds to realize that this color pattern is what you see in nature.

Wheel, wheel, tell me how to choose the colors for my interior now!

Whenever facing a dilemma regarding colors for interior decorating, consulting a color wheel is the right thing to do. How is that possible? Well, if you know how to decipher what you see, you will be able to make the right selection of color tones and achieve the effect you aim at.

Those who want a unified, relaxing, pleasant, and laid-back ambiance should pair analogous colors, meaning those next to each other. On the other hand, those who prefer striking contrasts should combine complementary colors, which means those opposite each other on the wheel.

So, what do you want to achieve? Think and then ask the wheel for help.

Why should you never give up on black and white?

Black and white are always in fashion and endlessly chic. Whatever color palette you choose, adding a few items in these two colors will only add to the beauty of your interior. There is also a logical explanation of this fact. These two mark the limits of the spectrum. As such, they emphasize, enrich, and clarify the colors paired with them. Hence, do not hesitate to include black and white in your color scheme.

Final words on choosing the perfect colors for interior decorating

If you do not want to turn your interior decorating adventure into a genuine nightmare, devote some of your time to choosing the colors properly. In case you lack inspiration, there are a lot of sources to turn to. Once you define the color palette that suits your taste, apply it in accordance with the basic rules of combining colors. The color wheel is always helpful to assist you in solving choice-related dilemmas. Finally, do not forget to add some black and white for the chic effect that appeals to everybody. In the end, the final result will show whether choosing the perfect colors for interior decorating has been successful.

Lisa Smith is a copywriter living in Florida who enjoys following the latest home improvement trends and exploring and suggesting interesting ideas in the field. She finds pleasure in helping people to create a home of their dreams or even move to one with the help of professional, knowledgeable movers like those you can find at, for example. Painting is her hobby, so she often spends all her free time surrounded by canvases and colors.


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