Capping It Off

Seniors show off their decorated caps of their future colleges. (Photo by Elizabeth Johnson)

April showers bring May flowers, but more importantly, it brings the day every college senior dreams of—graduation. High school seniors will have their turn in June, but both groups of almost-graduates can start thinking of how they want to adorn their graduation cap. The great thing about decorating a cap, should their respective school allow them, is it allows the student to let their personality shine rather than blend in with a sea of colored squares at graduation.


There are no rules for decorating your cap, so have some fun with it. Make a pun, turn your cap into your favorite boardgame or make a reference to whatever running joke is taking over Twitter at the moment. The options for decorating are truly limitless, so use your imagination and create whatever comes to mind first.


Both your college and high school experience can be defined by the things you were involved in. If you were in a club, put the name and a symbolic image on your cap. College life is often defined by Greek life, so why not rep your letters on your graduation cap? Surely you made some amazing friends, so you could even paste on a photo or two. The relationships and connections you form during your time in school are everlasting, so memorialize them on the hat that represents everything you’ve accomplished.


While it’s not something you’re happy about, it’s become a trend to joke about student loans on your cap. Make a reference to Game of Thrones and write, “Game of Loans.” While loans are indeed the worst, you can make the best of it on the day where it’s all made worthwhile. You can even get sentimental and write a note on your cap thanking your parents for everything they’ve done to make your college education possible.


Common for high school graduates is to put on your cap the name of the college or university you’ll be attending. You can put the colors, the mascot and even symbols of your major if you’ve decided that already. If your college town is particularly interesting or notable, you can put symbols of that on your cap as well.

Pop Culture

Between TV shows, movies, books, music and even memes, there’s undoubtedly a couple of favorites you could put on your cap. Obsessed with Friends? Put, “The One Where I Graduate” on your cap. For the firm believer that Breaking Bad is the greatest show ever, do a play on words and write, “Breaking GRad.” Put a quote from your favorite book. Make a Mean Girls reference and put, “Get in loser, we’re graduating.”

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