Better Care For Men And Women


A wellness startup is taking the beauty community by storm. This holiday season, modern wellness brands Hims and Hers are working to bring healthy skin and hair to all.

Hims and Hers, based out of San Francisco, launched less than three years ago and has since expanded to offer products for healthy skin. Now, they have the perfect gift set for both men and women.

“We started Hims and Hers to eliminate stigmas around health and wellness issues, and break down barriers for people when it comes to obtaining quality healthcare,” Dr. Adrian Rawlinson, vice president of medical affairs for Hims and Hers, said. “In many cases, patients are discouraged from taking care of themselves due to high copays, drug prices, long wait times and an overall lack of accessibility.”

The organization recently unveiled a plethora of products, including wrinkle cream, moisturizer, morning glow cream, high-quality shampoo, as well as a biotin gummy vitamin for men. For women, the brand now has a complete hair kit, featuring minoxidil topical solution, shampoo, conditioner and biotin gummy vitamins.

While the brand started out by catering to the needs of men, it expanded last year to create a series of products for women. A large part of the organization’s goal is to create preventative solutions for consumers through telemedicine.

Additionally, the hair loss treatments provided by Hims have essentially went viral, creating a safe and easy treatment for those who simply want their hair back.
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