Patty Servidio

Patty Servidio is a columnist for Anton Media Group.

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It’s In The Giving That We Receive

When we reflect upon what the quarantine taught us, we have every reason to be grateful.

Making Masks To Help Stop The Spread

It’s usually in the absolute worst of times that we see parts of humanity shine.

Column: Spring Is A Time For Rebirth And Planting That Seed

Wouldn’t it be grand if this spring, above all others, we found the courage to begin again, in a new and exciting way?

The Joys Of Motherhood

Motherhood has been deemed, “One of the most difficult, rewarding, frustrating jobs on the planet,” and with good reason. Regardless of the generation, it’s not easy to put one’s own needs secondary, especially when one...

Females In Flight At Annual Bethpage Air Show

Over Memorial Day weekend, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Bethpage, presented its 16th annual Bethpage Air Show. This year’s show, which featured the United States Air Force Thunderbirds for their seventh appearance and the...

Bethpage Air Show At Jones Beach Wows More Than 200,000

Long Island knows how to kick off a Memorial Day weekend. Ask anyone who has ever attended the annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach, and they will likely tell you that it’s the traditional...



Long Island Rays Are The True Boys Of Summer

Senior baseball teams looks to expand playing opportunities for adult ball players The late Jim Bouton once said, “A ballplayer spends a good piece of...

MTA Freeze On Capital Spending Should Exempt Federal Transit Admin Funding

MTA Management must stop crying and step up to the plate. 

Recent Health Report Shows Nationwide Increase In Teen Suicide And Child Mortality

Teen suicide and child mortality rates have increased sharply since the 2016 report, according to the United Health Foundation’s 2019 America’s Health Rankings Health...

A List Of Businesses Allowed To Reopen In Phase 4

A List Of Businesses Allowed To Reopen In Phase 4

Volunteer At The North Shore Land Alliance

Get outdoors this fall and become a volunteer with the North Shore Land Alliance. Volunteers contribute significantly to the Land Alliance’s ability to protect,...