All-You-Can-Eat Sushi And Round1

he first time I tried all-you-can-eat sushi was at a restaurant called Sushi Palace in Centereach. I was in high school, and I was absolutely blown away.
Since Sushi Palace in Centereach has closed, my friend Brianna gracefully showed me her new favorite sushi spot, Machi Sushi in Selden. No matter where you live, it’s certainly worth the trip, because everything that’s placed on the table, and boy there will be a lot, is absolutely delicious. I’ve since brought my family there the night before Easter, as well as my boyfriend AJ on April 23. They all left very happy, and very full.
How it works at Machi Sushi is when you are seated, you are given a paper menu with a wide array of soups, salads, appetizers, side dishes and, of course, so much sushi. Whether you often go for sashimi, a simple sushi roll, or special rolls that can contain many ingredients from mangos and shrimp tempura to a generous topping of crab meat, you will certainly find something you like. You and your party check off the menu what you’d like, your waiter will take it and then what you ordered is brought to you. But of course, it’s important to pace yourself, and only order what you and your party will eat.
Machi Sushi certainly stands out because they also offer hibachi. AJ said the steak hibachi from Machi Sushi is up there in the best steaks he’s ever had. Unfortunately, I can’t confer since I’m a pescatarian, but if you do venture to Machi Sushi, I would definitely recommend trying the Hawaii Roll.
After our sushi date, AJ and I joined our friends for a double date at Round1, which is located in the Broadway Mall in Hicksville. Round1 is a very big arcade with claw machines, driving games, shooting games, dance games, classic arcade games like air hockey and skeeball, exclusive games imported from Japan, and so much more. To play the games, you have to buy a card, as well as credits you can put on the card to use towards games. You can also purchase a time slot to play as many games as you’d like, but if you do that then you can’t play the games that you can win tickets with, like skeeball. You also can’t play the claw machines if you purchase the time slot. If you do win tickets, you can use them towards prizes.
We had a lot of fun playing all kinds of different games, and we were also amused by the dedicated gamers that flock to Round1. For example, we saw two young men who were playing many rounds of Dance Dance Revolution at the expert level. I could not believe how fast they were moving. They were so dedicated that they brought gym towels and an electric fan to cool themselves off with.
Round1 also has a bowling alley, billiards, karaoke rooms, ping pong, darts and food and drinks.
Overall, I’d say Round1 is a great time for all ages and for many occasions.

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