Acting On A Dream

Mcgregory Frederique takes to film, TV

Frederique recreates stock photos with Emilia Clarke for Vanity Fair. (Photo source: Vanity Fair)

In a world that constantly rewards hard work with a new set of challenges, Mcgregory Frederique has reinvented himself again and again. The Elmont native recently recalibrated his passion toward acting after an untimely car accident put a hold on his football dreams.

“Football’s on hold—I’m not even worried about that,” said Frederique, “I’ve been acting now for less than a year and I’ve got so many gigs done and lined up.”

Frederique’s IMDB page is buzzing with projects, both completed and on the horizon, and is made up of television, film, short-form projects and more. He’s been on projects with Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke in Vanity Fair and was also recently on Ashton Kutcher’s personal Facebook page in various video projects. Frederique was also featured in Backstage magazine, a talent-seeking firm that has helped the young actor land many roles.

One of his upcoming films, The Paraseekers, is holding a red carpet night later this month—an engagement that sold out weeks ago.

“Just be yourself, that’s all I can say,” Frederique said of his lightning-quick success. “That’s how you get noticed. I never thought in a million years that I would be acting. I did a music video as one of my first gigs and I had to watch it like 20 times to make sure it was really me.”

Before acting, Frederique was showcasing his football skills with the upstart Team America, hoping to catch the eye of professional scouts despite having his first serious exposure to the game in 2015 as a member of the semi-pro Westchester Steelers. In order to make it onto Team America, Frederique had to send in a highlight video and wait to be called. The team plays many of its games in front of scouts from the NFL, CFL and Indoor Football League, and Frederique sensed it was a golden opportunity to advance his career and land a professional contract. Despite competing with thousands of aspiring players, many of whom had more experience, Frederique was selected for the roster. So far, he says, he’s faced a considerable learning curve, but has managed to persevere.

Much of that passion and determination has transferred over to Frederique’s acting persona—but as the actor notes, it is more than OK to have multiple passions in life.

“That’s a hard choice, football or acting. Either way, I just want to make history,” he said. “I had many opportunities with different coaches in football, but with acting I’ve been booking things like crazy. It’s just been back to back to back. For me to get this chance is a real blessing.”

As for the future, Mcgregory Frederique plans to continue to surprise and impress others—and always keep the dream alive.

“I’m beyond thrilled for the future. If you keep pushing, good things happen,” he said. “I go to these sets and meet other actors and I’m like ‘how the hell did I get here?’ I surprise even myself sometimes.”

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