Accessories To Keep Your Furry Friends Warm This Winter

Winter has returned—the temperature has dropped and it’s time to dig our winter coats out of the back of the closet and remember where we stashed our collection of winter hats and scarves. But when it comes to staying warm this season, we can’t forget about our pets. Sometimes a fur coat just isn’t enough to keep the cold at bay on chilly morning walks, and luckily there are dozens of products on the market designed to keep your furry friend comfortable (and fashionable) all winter long.

Here are a few stylish essentials that would bring some necessary warmth and comfort to any pet’s winter wardrobe.

Puffer vests

Canada Pooch Everest Explorer Premium Dog Jacket, Black

$41 at Pets Warehouse

Pet vests are a comfortable and practical way to keep your puppies warm during long winter walks. It will keep their core insulated while still allowing them the freedom to run and play in the snow, and you’ll love how adorable they look in those little furry hoods.


Bond & Co. Brown Faux-Suede Dog Boots, X-Small

$19.99 at Petco

If you’re worried about wet paws on the furniture, consider slipping a set of booties over your dog’s feet before they go outside. They come in many different styles, ranging from simple rubber sock-like shoes to detailed faux suede boots. Say goodbye to slushy pawprints on the living room couch.


PetRageous Designs Corbin’s Cable Knitted Dog & Cat Sweater, Gray, Large

$18.99 from

Nothing makes for a better Christmas card photo than a cute shot of your pet wearing a holiday sweater. Whether you’re dressing up a massive dog or a tiny kitten, there are plenty of sweaters to choose from at local pet stores and online. You can keep it classy with a traditional cable knit or pick your favorite from a variety of eye-catching designs. Either way, sweaters are a great way to keep your pet cozy all winter long.


Ugg Cable Knit Scarf

$9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond

Yes, pet scarves do exist, and they are a great option for any animal that isn’t a fan of wearing tight-fitting clothes. Tie a scarf around your pup’s neck to keep them from shivering on those frigid December mornings and to show off some adorable holiday spirit around the neighborhood.

Insulated Snowsuit

Ultra Paws WeatherMaster Dog Snowsuit with Ultra-Heat Liner, Petite

$49.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond

If your pooch really can’t brave the cold, invest in one of these specialized snowsuits complete with a fiber-filled inner layer designed to absorb body heat. The snowsuit makes for a cute and comfortable alternative to bulky vests or jackets, and your pet will surely reward you with sloppy kisses in return for keeping them warm.


Modern Luxe Posh Pink Pom-Pom Dog Hat, Small/Medium

$9.99 at Petco

Who doesn’t love a puppy in a pom-pom hat? Cute pet hats are a great statement accessory and will allow your dog or cat to draw all of the attention (and bellyrubs) they deserve. It may take your pet a little while to get used to wearing it, but once they begin to enjoy it, the photo opportunities are endless.

Andrea Bilton
Andrea Bilton is a reporter with Anton Media Group.

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