About The Artist: Jane Rubenstein

Jane Rubenstein’s “Old-fashioned winter fun”

Jane Rubinstein, from Merrick, is a retired art teacher. Her submission, “Old-fashioned Winter Fun,” was selected as the first place winner of Anton Media Group’s Wintertime cover contest.

Jane’s passion is volunteering and she uses her art talent to paint a better picture for others painting store windows for the past 20 years and donating all of the money to children with heart disease. Her many awards for her community volunteering efforts include, “Make a Difference,” “Pathfinder,” Woman of Distinction,” and Achiever.”

In 2014, she was crowned Ms. Senior New York, and she continues to volunteer for seniors and veterans year round.

Second Place

“Pretty Poinsettias” was taken by Ilene Schuss on her iPhone 7 at Hicks Nurseries’ Holiday Flower Show last November.

“I was dazzled by how beautiful these plants are and many different colors they came in, beyond the usual red most see them in,” she said of her inspiration. “My photos range from beautiful images of nature, people, architecture, landscapes and special events.”

Schuss is a retired Information Technology Professional / Mathematics Teacher who took up photography as a hobby a number of years ago.

“I really enjoy improving my skills through experience, interaction with other photographers and online training,” she said, adding that a few years ago she formed a Facebook photography group called, Long Island Photowalkers, which helps fellow photographers learn new photography skills.

Third Place

“Nature has always been my sanctuary. I grew up in the woods, on the beaches, in the parks of Long Island, which is where my profound respect for the environment comes from,” said Colleen Kelly, of her submission. “As a single mom, my son is a part of every photo I take. Rediscovering nature through my son’s experiences is so rewarding.

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