A Place For Your Pup: How To Find The Right Pet Hotel Or Kennel

Leaving your dog behind on vacation can be not only hard for you, but even harder for your dog because they may feel abandoned. Fortunately, there are boarding services available to make sure your dog is as happy as you are on vacation. Here are five steps to choosing the right boarding service.

Make Sure The Price Is Right

Generally, a full day at a dog hotel can start at $25 but there are factors that can cause price deviations such as size, breeds and services such as room size, number of walks, and bathing.

Take A Tour

Unlike actual hotels, dog hotels don’t show off too much of their facility on their websites because they would prefer to take you on a tour. Taking a tour before boarding your dog in that hotel or kennel can give you a better understanding on whether or not you think your dog will be happy there. During the tour, look out for anything that looks unsanitary. In most dog hotels there are play rooms with numerous breeds of dogs; if your dog is small and a majority of the dogs at the hotel look aggressive, ask if they offer private play times. Some other questions are what time the dogs are fed, how much time do they spend locked away and how many times a day they are walked.

Read Online Reviews

Like any other business, the employees aren’t as truthful as people who have paid for their services before. In some reviews, the dog owners may even mention the breed of dog they own, which can be the same as yours. Pet hotels aren’t staffed by veterinarians, so they don’t pay attention to health risks of certain dog breeds. For example, a pug will need a well air-conditioned room because they are very heat intolerant.

Talk With Your Veterinarian

Before you plan your trip, check in with your veterinarian and ask them specific questions on what to tell the boarding service about your dog in regards to medications they may take, special accommodations based on your dog’s age or any concerns you or your veterinarian have.

Your veterinarian may even recommend that your dog stay in the office due to some side effects of boarding a dog among others, such as kennel cough.

Consider Hours Of Operation

While dogs are able to fall asleep easily at home, they may not once they are in a different place, whether it’s a cage in a kennel or a private room in a dog hotel. Sometimes when dogs are unfamiliar with their surroundings, they will act differently by not eating, drinking or even turn hostile because they’ll think their owner abandoned them. If you decide to board your dog in a kennel or a dog hotel, ask about hours of operation because the cause of your dog’s behavior could just be from not getting enough attention or physical activity or wanting to be taken out for a walk before bedtime.

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